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Nano Zero Point Energy Wands

A lot of people swear by these things. As long as the low-level radiation doesn't scare you, $15 and free shipping is cheap enough to maybe make it worth a shotEvidence that it's really doing something? Hmm.

"Zero point energy wand usages: discharge energy blockages in your body. Energize all foods and liquids. (wand anything with water in it and notice the increased taste and vibrancy.) Put the wand in your fridge, increase the life and taste of everything in it. Supports the self-healing process in the body. Relieve a variety of injuries, and long standing aches and pains. Neutralize free radicals in your body."
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By tepi on March 23, 2013
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I have been monitoring the background nuclear radiation at my location for many years. I was of course intrigued when I read the review of this wand by 'Hwy', "highly radioactive", of February 2, 2013 since it would never have occurred to me that something being marketed as a health product could contain radioactive material.

Since the wand sounded interesting and is quite cheap, I decided get one and test it to get to the bottom of this myself. For the test I used a professional Geiger Counter, the BICRON Surveyor M with matching BICRON PGM Probe.

The background radiation level in my house at the time was 7 CPM (Counts Per Minute) but when I placed the probe close to the wand I was astonished to see the reading climb quickly to around 1000 CPM. I got similar results with several other Geiger Counters. Here is a table that will help you understand just what this means:

Background radiation 0.10 µSv/hr 0.01 mR/hr 10 CPM
Low level radiation 1 µSv/hr 0.1 mR/hr 100 CPM
Daily human limit RATE 10 µSv/hr 1 mR/hr 1000 CPM
Do not stay here 100 µSv/hr 10 mR/hr 10,000 CPM
Substantial exposure 1 mSv/hr (1000 µSv/hr) 100 mR/hr 100,000 CPM
Extreme danger 100 mSv/hr 10 R/hr 10,000,000 CPM
50% chance of death 1 Sv/hr 100 R/hr 100,000,000 CPM

It will be seen that the reading I got of 1000 CPM is 100 times above the average normal background radiation level. This does not mean that the wand, or certainly not the one I have, is "highly radioactive" but it certainly makes it radioactive and this had me worried until I began to find out about 'Radiation Hormesis'.

Basically, what this theory asserts is that, although high-level nuclear radiation is certainly harmful, low-level nuclear radiation is actually beneficial to human health and that in "countries all over the world, millions of people have benefited from using low-level radiation on everything from tennis elbow, joint pain and arthritis, to far more serious illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, spinal meningitis, autism, stroke, macular degeneration, heart disease and cancer".

One popular work that discusses this subject is Jane G. Goldberg's Because People Are Dying. More technical discussions will be found in T. D. Luckey's Radiation Hormesis and Charles L. Sanders Radiation Hormesis and the Linear-No-Threshold Assumption.

Judging by the positive reviews the present product has received, and since the wand is radioactive although its level isn't high, it would seem that, in some cases at least, it may just help to alleviate some of our health problems.

Nano Energy Wand Benefits:
  • Helps Neutralize the Effects of Stress
  • Protects from Harmful EMF, ELF Waves
  • Increases Circulation and Rejuvenate Cells
  • Helps Promote Balanced Energy Levels
  • Boosts Immunity and Natural Defense Systems

Nano zero point energy wands
Nano zero point energy wands are becoming very popular as a NON-INVASIVE healing aid. Comprised of a unique combination of granulated nutrients, prepared using Technology to resonate at the Zero Point Field to aid our body supply the universal living force energy that our own bodies requires.

Electromagnetic Fields Play Havoc!

Human beings are made up of varying electromagnetic frequencies that naturally interact with all natural and man-made external energies. These energies play a large part in our health and wellbeing. When exposed to man-made frequencies our body absorbs and stores such energy fields. These unnatural and chaotic electromagnetic fields emitted from items such as microwaves, cell phones, computers, TVs and more can play havoc in our bodies. These EMF energies can weaken our immune system, which can potentially lead to illness.
Why You Need The Nano Energy Wand!

With our body’s energy fields being disrupted on a daily basis by the artifacts of modern civilization, the Nano Energy Wand can counterbalance that effect. It activates negative ions and repels positive ions also known as free radicals to bring your body into balance. A body, when balanced has the capacity to heal itself.


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