"Doesn’t just about everything cause cancer if you look hard enough?
The IARC classifies compounds on a scale of decreasing certainty: group 1 is for agents that are definitely carcinogenic to humans; 2A, probably carcinogenic to humans; 2B, possibly carcinogenic to humans; 3, not classifiable; and 4, probably not carcinogenic to humans.
Monsanto said in its statement, “IARC has classified numerous everyday items in Category 2 including coffee, cell phones, aloe vera extract and pickled vegetables, as well as professions such as a barber and fry cook.”
But the IARC classified most of these items at the less dangerous 2B level,
whereas glyphosate is in the 'probably carcinogenic' 2A category. Of
Monsanto's list, only emissions from high-temperature frying and the
occupational exposure experienced as a barber are rated as 2A."