Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Doctors Being Trained To Push Vaccines Amid Skepticism

Never in the history of our society have vaccine use been more in question. While debating the facts of vaccines often convince anti-vaccine nation that it is losing the battle, things couldn’t be further from the truth. More and more parents are choosing to pass on many vaccines, while a growing number of parents are passing on all of them. With up to 48 scheduled vaccines on children before the age of 5, the pressure from Big Pharma is mounting to reclaim that lost revenue. And now, they’ve got a plan.
The Group Health Research Institute in Seattle has began a program to train Doctors how to better push their concoctions. They feel that better trained Doctors would be more equipped to convince parents to allow vaccines. The interesting point here is that “additional training” doesn’t seem to be needed at all in concern with other medications, mostly because the Doctor’s greater understanding of facts stands on it’s own. In the case of Vaccines, those facts tend to fall apart leaving the “convincing” aspect a bit to shaky for many parents.
They are calling this an “intervention.”

via NPR) “The intervention was designed to involve parents and respect where they were coming from, respect that they wanted what was best for their child and the provider wanted that, too,” said the study’s lead author, Nora Henrikson, a research associate with the institute. The goal, she said, was to help doctors address parents’ concerns but “still make a strong recommendation for vaccines.”
Now the twist.
None of this has worked and scientist are summing it up as data mining, essentially believing that failure in science is just as good of information as success (ironic, isn’t it?). But worry not, they aren’t giving up that easy.
(via NPR)  There was no sign that what the researchers did in the study helped to reduce vaccine hesitancy.
But that’s doesn’t mean the end of this approach.
Scientists like to say that finding out that something doesn’t work can be just as important as finding out what does. Both researchers involved with the study and those who had nothing to do with it say that’s the case here.
Let’s look first at what Group Health Research did in its study, what they say is the first randomized trial to test improving hesitancy about vaccination by directly targeting doctors.
Desperation is a terrible color to wear.