Friday, December 25, 2015

Coast To Coast AM - December 21, 2015 The Christmas Alien & Alternative Health

In the first half, Dr. Peter Glidden, who has over 25 years of education, training, and experience in holistic medicine, discussed how to use natural remedies and supplements to maintain health and even recover from debilitating conditions. Sadly, due to a lack of pragmatic medical advice, the things many people do for their health are usually counterproductive, even though they have the best intentions, he remarked. And the last 10 years of most people's lives are often not that great, he continued. "It's the golden years brought to you by conventional medicine," with the elderly needing prescription medicines to wake up, to fall asleep, to manage their blood pressure, and heartburn, as well as an additional prescription to manage all the side effects of the other medications. Conventional medical doctors are trained how to manage patients' symptoms rather than bring about good health, he added.

Regarding evaluating whether a specific nutritional supplement is working for you, Glidden said that after a 90-day trial period, if you don't get any noticeable results, you should abandon it and try something else. Heartburn and insomnia are both related to calcium deficiencies, whereas magnesium and selenium are good supplements for heart health, he reported. Cholesterol is actually important for health, "and we have been led down the goose path by the pharmaceutical industry for the last 40 years," who have demonized this natural body substance, he asserted.