Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Department Of Justice Has Just Shut Them Down!! - Forget Silk Road, Cops Just Scored Their Biggest Victory Against The Dark Web Drug Trade - What was Obama doing during his Presidency? U.S. Cocaine Seizures Are Going Through The Roof

AlphaBay was huge, said to be ten times the size of the infamous Silk Road market. According to attorney general Jeff Sessions, there were 250,000 listings for illegal drugs, with 122 vendors advertising fentanyl and 238 flogging heroin. Sessions said individuals had died after using drugs purchased from the site, including a 13-year-old boy and an 18-year-old girl. It was also a place to buy hacking tools and stolen data, amongst other material useful for fraudsters.

This addresses something I brought up about a month ago after watching President Trump's Opioid Commission meeting.

WATCH President Donald Trump's Commission Team on Combating Drug Addiction and Opioid Crisis 6/17/17...

I skimmed through a good deal of each testimony here and while I may have very well missed it, I did not hear anyone address the fact that many heroin overdose deaths are occurring because of it being cut with fentanyl and analogs like carfentanil, which apparently is readily available online. Nor did I hear it brought up that this crisis is affecting those who actually need pain medication who are now increasingly being treated like addicts, a point raised by several people in the comments. Also, mentioned in comments and lacking from the commission as far as I saw, was the push for medical marijuana, which Trump has stated he supports, as a safe alternative when it comes to pain management. CBD oil, which does not get you high and offers some pain relief but not as much as the mix of THC and CBD from marijuana is now legal in all 50 states and needs to stay that way.