Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tell the Military: Stop Mutilating and Killing Animals

Did you know that the military is mutilating and killing more than 8,500 animals each year?
 It's true and they are using your tax dollars to pay for it.
At U.S. military bases all across the country, soldiers are forced to use live animals for trauma training exercises. Pigs and goats are shot, burned, stabbed or have their limbs broken in order to mimic wounds that could occur on the field.
New advances in science mean that we no longer need to use live animals in order to mimic human battlefield injuries. In fact, the Department of Defense recommended ending the program almost a decade ago.
If passed, the BEST Practices Act would put an end this cruel program once and for all. It would ban the expensive and ineffective trauma drills on live animals while still ensuring that our military medics and others gain the skills they need to save lives on the battlefield.
Thank you,
 Ashley A.
The Care2 Petitions Team