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March on Monsanto Hugely Outnumbers Counterdemonstrators

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by DC Direct Action News

Published May 23, 2015
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On the 23ed of May, the annual March on Monsanto encountered something new at Monsanto's DC lobbying headquarters: a tiny group of counterdemonstrators. Some were reported to hjave been paid by Monsanto to be there. Their presence is proof that the global campaign against Monsanto's patented "Roundup Ready" seeds and glyphosate herbicides is becoming effective.

One of the demands of the May 23,2015 marches in many cities is the recall of Roundup and a ban on its production and use. The other is for mandatory labelling of all the "frankenfoods" containing genetically-modified ingredients.

Monsanto protrayed their counterprotest as being for "science" but attempting to silence discussion of a scientific issue like GMO's and block labelling is better compared to the efforts of the Inquisition to silence Galileo. Also comparable to the Inquisition is the campaign of lawsuits and intimidation aimed at farmers who reuse seeds. Not only farmers with contracts with Monsanto, but other farmers whose crops may be contaminated by cross-pollination are subjected to lawsuits in which Monsanto claims presence of their genes forbids re-use of seeds. They seek ownership of crops in these lawsuits, forcing farmers not to plant any crop related to anything Monsanto sells if they wish to avoid the bulying. Even organic farmers who never use Roundup and whose crops become worthless if contaminated have been harassed.

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