Sunday, August 30, 2015

Petition: NO fracking wastewater on "Organic" crops!

Did you know that organic standards allow farmers to call produce "organic" even if the crops are watered with fracking wastewater, which is filled with dangerous chemicals?

Add your name to this petition to demand that the U.S. Department of Agriculture stop allowing fracking wastewater on "organic" crops, and protect us from these questionable chemicals.

It is horrifying that farmers are using fracking or oil drilling wastewater (leftover water from oil and gas wells). This water is laced not only with petroleum, but with dozens of other chemicals that the fracking industry refuses to disclose, and which haven't been determined to be safe for human consumption.

The USDA bans petroleum-derived fertilizers in organic standards, but the same rules don't apply to the water that goes on the crops. The USDA hasn't even established what levels of these chemicals in wastewater are safe for human consumption, but is allowing our food to be doused with it.

And this isn't a small problem. In increasingly drought-stricken areas like California, oil companies last year supplied half the water that went to the 45,000 acres of farmland in Kern County's Cawelo Water District, where certified organic grapes and raisins are grown.

For our health and safety, the USDA needs to immediately stop the practice of watering our crops with chemical-laden fracking wastewater - and definitely stop farmers from labeling those crops "organic".



Tell Your State Representatives to Ban the Use of Fracking Water on Crops!