Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shame on Rite Aid!

Email from a blog visitor sent as a complaint to Rite Aid:

My wife recently had a prescription written for 13 pain pills and a routine stomach med from an ER visit. The pharmacist called the hospital to report both scripts were not filled and thus her pain meds were decreased to 5. The routine med is already in her medicine cabinet and she did not need it filled she told the pharmacist, who argued she had not had it filled in awhile. She is prescribed this med 3 times a day and only takes it twice and fills at other pharmacies, thus his argument was of no consequence. My wife has lost her left ovary, suffered cervical cancer, and had three large ovarian cysts removed surgically in the last year. She is in constant, agonizing, pain and needed those meds. She is an RN and needs to be pain free to take care of others! She only gets 6 prescriptions a month and can not afford to waste one on 5 pills. Was the concern that she might abuse these 13 pills so important as to warrant you possibly making someone suffer in pain? Your company is a colossal disgrace. As the contractors that recently protested outside of that building stated: Shame on Rite Aide! I'll be publishing this online. Good day.