Tuesday, March 1, 2016

BREAKING: Don't Let Monsanto Get Away with Poisoning Anniston!

As Congress works to reform and reauthorize the Toxic Substances Control Act, news has just broken that the language includes a loophole large enough to poison communities with Monsanto's PCB's.

Sign the petition and tell members of the conference committee working on the TSCA reconcilliation: Don't let allow Monsanto to poison Anniston, or other cities!

Monsanto's toxic legacy in Anniston, Alabama dates back over 70 years. Due to the company's negligence, PCB's have contaminated wide areas throughout the town. Monsanto has bought up entire neighborhoods and fenced people off from properties that the company has poisoned. Despite their efforts to buy the public's silence, over 4,600 people from the community have come together in a lawsuit to hold the corporation accountable.

There are significant challenges to bring together the best parts of the two very different bills passed by the House and the Senate, but this one-paragraph effort to shield Monsanto from the company's toxic PCB legacy must be removed immediately!

A good bill will allow the EPA to quickly move to keep the public safe from possibly toxic chemicals; preserve state agencies' ability to be more protective than the EPA; prioritize the EPA's ability to keep us safe over corporations ability to hide toxic chemicals behind the veil of "trade secrets"; and allow the EPA to make progress on testing the huge backlog of unknown chemicals used by corporations.

Congressional negotiators must not allow the reauthorization of the TSCA to become a massive gift to polluting companies, and remove provisions to let Monsanto get away with poisoning Anniston and other communities with PCB's.

For the full story of Monsanto's actions in Anniston, click here