Sunday, March 13, 2016



Congress has a choice to make. Either do the bidding of Big Ag and keep consumers in the dark about genetically modified food, or do what American consumers demand and require clear labeling of GMOs.
Do the right thing. Don't leave us in the dark. Reject the DARK Act and pass the Biotechnology Food Labeling and Uniformity Act and shine a light on GMOs in our food.

Why is this important?

Any day now, the U.S. Senate could vote on a Big Ag-supported bill known as the DARK Act - for Denying Americans the Right to Know - which would prohibit states from requiring labeling of genetically modified foods.
Moreover, it would require a taxpayer-funded public relations campaign extolling the benefits of genetically modified foods.
But the Senate has another choice, one that would put in place a national standard that requires labeling of foods containing GMOs. It's called the Biotechnology Food Labeling and Uniformity Act and it needs your support.
The Biotechnology Food Labeling and Uniformity Act would require food manufacturers to tell American consumers whether their products have been prepared with genetically modified ingredients. Instead of navigating a patchwork of state labeling laws, consumers and manufacturers alike would have one clear national standard to go by.
Specifically, it would require manufacturers to disclose GMOs on the Nutrition Fact Panel in one of four ways:
* (Genetically Engineered) following relevant GMO ingredient
* An asterisk next to the GMO ingredient with an explanation at the bottom
* A catch all statement stating the product was “produced with genetic engineering”
* An FDA-approved symbol that would clearly disclose the presence of GMO ingredients
Please sign my petition urging Congress to reject the DARK Act and pass the pass the Biotechnology Food Labeling and Uniformity Act to require mandatory GMO labels on our food.


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