Friday, June 30, 2017

Single Payer Socialist HealthCare Slavery, If Health Liberty Rejected

JM Talboo & John Hughes - Baywatch, Seth Rich vs Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theories, Comey the Clown, Death of Neocons/Neolibs, Socialized vs Free Market Medical Care, Kek...

JM Talboo & John Hughes - Baywatch, Seth Rich... by debunkerbuster

Debunking the Jesus VS. Trump Meme (Healthcare Related):

$300-400 in healthcare premiums is obviously not almost half of someones monthly income of $1,200. At worst it is a third. I was just rattling of things quickly and not articulating myself very well. The person I was thinking of was older and poor and it's a fact that these people have been paying half their income sometimes.

"And poor, older customers whose insurance costs more than half their income may not really have much of a choice."


Study: Some Marketplace Customers Spend 25 Percent Of Income On Health Expenses: