Thursday, November 13, 2014

Support the EPA's Clean Water Rule Today!

League of Conservation Voters

Support the Clean Water Rule today!

Clean water is essential to all living things — the wild salmon in the rushing river, the deer next to the quiet stream, the heron above the deep blue lake.

Water is energy, a home, a source of life. But right now, we could be heading toward an America where clean, fresh water is just a distant memory.
For more than 40 years, the Clean Water Act has been critical to protecting our nation’s waterways. But Supreme Court cases in 2001 and 2006 have made it murky as to which waterways should be protected. Unsurprisingly, irresponsible corporations have taken advantage and are polluting our smaller streams and wetlands at increasingly alarming rates.
The EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers are trying to restore vital water protections, but they're facing attacks from polluters and their allies in Congress. We need your help to show the EPA that we support their efforts and want them to continue fighting for our clean water.
Let me break it down, John-Michael. For more than a decade, corporations have gotten away with polluting small streams and wetlands because the EPA has not had clear authority to protect them. But after studying the science, the EPA is taking a stand because it is clear that healthy downstream waters are only possible if the small streams and wetlands that feed into them are protected.
The EPA and Army Corps have proposed a new Clean Water Rule to protect the streams, headwaters, tributaries, and wetlands that feed our downstream waters — including our bays, our Great Lakes, and the water that flows through our communities.
If we don't speak out and support the EPA's Clean Water Rule, the simple glass of water that you sip, not to mention the habitats for so much of America’s wildlife, could be at risk thanks to polluters dumping toxic waste into our streams and wetlands. But with your help, we can fight back and make progress. We’ve collected more than 30,000 signatures so far in support of the EPA’s efforts to protect our water, but together, we can do even more.
Anti-environmental legislators have been attacking the EPA’s authority to implement these new protections since this summer. And with the new Congress coming into session, our path to clean water will only become harder to navigate.
That’s why when you take action today, we will not only deliver your support to the EPA and Army Corps, but we'll also send a copy of your message to your members of Congress so that they know where you stand when legislative attacks come up on this critical rule. The deadline to submit comments is tomorrow, so we need you to send your message now.
Thank you for standing with us in the fight for a clean, livable planet.
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Kristin Brown
Director of Digital Strategy
League of Conservation Voters
P.S. Help us collect 20,000 more signatures to reach our goal of 50,000 — forward this on to a friend today!

Clean Waters for River Otters Petition

Dirty, polluted waters are no place for a family of river otters to play and raise their pups.

Right now, river otters are in danger — Supreme Court rulings are making it unclear whether the Clean Water Act applies to streams, wetlands, and other kinds of waters.

If we don't act, those waterways could end up choked with filthy pollution, killing river otters and other animals who live there.

The EPA has proposed a new rule that would keep those waters clean. But to get the rule passed, we need to put pressure on them now. Sign the letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and help protect river otters!