Thursday, January 15, 2015

Big Oil Giveaways

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Far too often, Congressional representatives say, "the government is broke" as they cut vital public services and continue to dole out 53% of annual discretionary spending to the Pentagon and huge subsidies to Big Oil.  And 2015 looks like we are in for a real battle on national spending priorities.
We need to send them a message about the social spending we need and the corporate welfare for Big Oil and defense contractors we don’t.
For over a century, special tax breaks for oil and gas companies have been on the books—and over the next decade they could cost taxpayers as much as $100 billion.
Did you know that in 2014 these Big Oil subsidies could have bought 1.1 million Pell grants? Or 200,000 Park Rangers? Or healthcare for 2.1 million combat veterans?
Our communities and, countries around the world, are paying the price for distorted national spending priorities and wars for control of oil.
The reason for all this free money isn’t a mystery. Last November, the Koch brothers spent millions to purchase the best Congress their dirty oil money could buy. In fact, in this past election cycle, the oil and gas industry alone spent more than $50 million to elect industry champions and climate deniers.
This explains why government programs that feed the hungry and heal the sick must struggle for funding, while billions of our tax dollars are still being sent to Big Oil in the form of tax subsidies and other special interest giveaways. And why the waste in the Pentagon budget goes unchecked. 
Power to the peaceful,
Judith LeBlanc
Field Director
Peace Action
PS: Please forward this email to your friends.  Ask them to help us roll back these giveaways.

Take Action:

Peace Action has joined Friends of the Earth and twelve national groups to take a stand against business-as-usual spending priorities. Together, we are releasing a Fossil Fuel Subsidies Tradeoff Calculator — an online tool that compares the cost of government giveaways to Big Oil to the cost of crucial social programs, such as food stamps, Pell grants, healthcare for veterans, and many others.


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