Sunday, February 15, 2015

OHIO'S CRUMBLING HUNK OF RADIOACTIVE JUNK     Will Ohioans Be Forced to Pay the Bill to Keep the Crumbling Davis-Besse Nuke Plant Alive? Harvey Wasserman  WWW.ECOWATCH.COM
As the world’s nuke reactors begin to crumble and fall, the danger of a major disaster is escalating at the decrepit Davis-Besse plant near Toledo, Ohio.

Now the plant’s owners are asking the Ohio Public Utilities Commission to force the public to pay billions of dollars over the next 15 years to subsidize reactor operations.

Hear about Davis-Besse’s astonishing story, by listening to this incredible hour-long interview with local attorney Terry Lodge and Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear, along with Tim Judson of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service.

To read the full EcoWatch story and link to this amazing radio show, go to:

If you want Davis-Besse shut, write the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio at docketing@puc.state.oh.usUse this label in the subject line of the email, as well as the body of the email message, so PUCO can route the public comments to the correct proceeding: OPPOSITION COMMENT UNDER CASE # 14-1297-EL-SSO.