Saturday, April 4, 2015

$1.3 trillion - That’s How Much Americans Owe in Student Loan Debt

The Nation Magazine

$1.3 trillion. That’s how much Americans owe in student loan debt. $1.3 trillion. That’s more than credit card debt. More than car loans. In fact, it’s more than any kind of debt other than mortgages. 

This is a big problem and we need big ideas to fix it. Sign our petition to cancel all student loan debt.
We know that this is a big ask and that you’re probably constantly getting emails asking you to sign petitions. But we need a dramatic change in the conversation around this issue if higher education is ever going to be affordable in America. 

We know we can do it. Just a few decades ago, you could pay for a college education with your average summer job. After World War II, the G.I. Bill helped thousands of veterans get a college education and establish a middle class life. 

Today, students leave school burdened by an average of $25,000 in debt. Their debt then makes it difficult for them to make big purchases like cars or homes, dragging down the entire economy. 

College needs to be affordable. Students need to be able to build their lives. Sign our petition demanding that all student debt be forgiven.

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