Sunday, April 5, 2015

Verilux VT10WW1 HappyLight Liberty Natural Spectrum Lamp, 5K Energy

The positive effect of Natural Spectrum light on the eye.

Improve Your Mood and Energy, Naturally

Beat the winter blues and the effects of seasonal change. Fight fatigue and increase alertness. Regain focus and concentration.
The Verilux Liberty 5K
The Verilux Liberty 5K is the ideal energy lamp for discreet use at home or the office. At only 6” x 7” x 3”, it fits easily in a briefcase or backpack and sits inconspicuously on a desk or tabletop. The Verilux Liberty emits 5,000 LUX* - effective for daily use and moderate session times - and a very impressive LUX output for a lamp its size. Its balanced Natural Spectrum illumination taps the potency of light to gently cue your body to recalibrate and stabilize, naturally reducing fatigue and lethargy while improving focus and concentration. If you’re looking to combat seasonal change, the “winter blues,” the effects of shift work, jet lag, malaise or fatigue, turn on the Verilux HappyLight 5K! (*5,000 LUX (scotopic measurement) at 8" to 10" from the lamp; 5,000 LUX (photopic measurement) at 6" to 8".)
Light and Daily Cycles
When our schedules are driven by man-made light, it may negatively affect our circadian system. Underexposure to natural light can result in the winter blues, fatigue, sleeplessness and lack of focus and concentration. The broader-spectrum light from Verilux energy lamps stimulates all of the eye’s photoreceptors. One photoreceptor, melanopsin, helps set the body’s daily cycles and is triggered by a specific narrow spectrum of natural light. Most artificial light sources do not provide light in the range to most efficiently stimulate melanopsin. Verilux energy lamps emulate key spectrums of natural light to effectively set the body’s internal clock to improve mood, energy and well-being.
Light Therapy That Goes Where You Do
A key feature of the 5K is its size. 5,000 LUX is significant light intensity for an energy lamp of this size, and you’ll get the advantage of a highly portable lamp that’s easy to pack in your suitcase, briefcase or backpack, so you can easily expand your opportunities for light therapy – at home or away, at the dorm or even at the office – always conveniently and discreetly.


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