Thursday, April 23, 2015


Comcast, the largest and most hated cable company in the U.S., is about to take over Time Warner in a monster merger that would hand the communications giant an unprecedented monopoly over our internet and cable access.

Rumors are swirling that Comcast might give up on this deal any day because of public backlash, so now is the perfect time for us to all pile on and kill this merger once and for all!

If Comcast wins, we can expect higher bills and a slower internet for everyone. The last thing anyone needs is for their cable and internet prices to be raised, but without competition, Comcast will have free rein to do just that.

Sign the petition to tell the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Congress to reject Comcast's monster merger.

The deal would give Comcast control of nearly 34 million TV subscribers and 32 million broadband customers, meaning the majority of U.S. internet users will be completely dependent on it.

If Comcast is able to control prices through a monopoly on TV and internet access, communities of color and working families will bear the brunt of of the consequences. With communities impacted by this digital divide already suffering lower rates of access to the internet, none of us can afford to let Comcast corner the market.

Rejecting this merger should be a no brainer. But Comcast has spent more than $100 million lobbying to get the government on its side since 2002 and currently employs over 100 lobbyists, so we’ve got our work cut out for us.

The good news? We know from our fight for Net Neutrality that if enough of us speak out we can counter Comcast’s corrupting political influence and protect a free and open internet.

Tell the FCC and Congress to reject Comcast’s monopoly merger.

Last February, millions fought for and won Net Neutrality
rules that keep Comcast and companies like it from creating an internet slow lane for those who can’t afford to pay extra. But all that progress could be erased when this merger gives Comcast more control over our access to the internet than any corporation in history.

We know that Comcast is working overtime to get conservatives in Congress to repeal Net Neutrality, one of the most important victories of the past decade for a free and open internet.

That’s why we have to keep the pressure up, now more than ever. If we do, we can stop Comcast from wielding its influence in congress to undo Net Neutrality, and make sure its monopolistic merger is halted.

Already tens of thousands of SumOfUs members have submitted comments to the FCC opposing this merger, but now it's time for one final push to finish the job.

Tell the FCC and Congress: Say no to Comcast’s monster merger.

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