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Frequencies Purported to Aid in Beating Cancer

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife: Cancer Cure Genius Silenced by Medical Mafia
How It Works (Basically)

Have you ever seen or heard of singers who could shatter wine glasses by hitting and sustaining the right note? How about striking a tuning fork held next to another of the same pitch that is not struck, but vibrates and makes a tone anyway? These are visible examples of vibrational reciprocity in the sonic range. From this basic understanding, Rife developed what he called resonance therapy.

Imagine if minuscule pathogens had energy frequencies beyond the sonic range that, if induced, would cause the pathogen to implode or explode. This Rife called the Mortal Oscillatory Resonance or MOR. It is technology within the arena of energetic healing, but more in the western mode of challenging pathogens with technological machinery from outside. With a special microscope of his own making, Rife was able to observe and record the MOR of many pathogens.

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R.I.F.E. instruments. (Resonant Initiated Field Effects) - This term was created by Dr. James Bare D.C. who pioneers research in biology and warm fusion plasma instruments using frequency therapy.

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Everything is vibrating in this world; our cells emit vibrations as well. Ancient cultures have already discovered the importance of vibrations and they developed different curing methods. Let us think about inter alia the Tibetan sound therapy, the shaman drums, the healing effects of crystals, the hands-on healings, the chakra therapies and so on. Nowadays, the different treatments with light therapy, sound therapy and with bio-resonance is gaining ground more and more. These therapies are all also based on the healing effects of the frequencies. Whichever techniques we consider, all of the methods are seeking to restore the proper frequencies. The REIKI master transforms the universal energy and drives the proper vibrations with hands into the treated person. The naturopath who uses device with bio-resonance also restores the proper vibrations of cells, organs. The healing effects of homeopathic medicines are based on vibrations, because in many cases the extent of the dilution is such high that the active substance itself is not detectable in the medicine, "only" the vibration of it is presented.

The developed program generates the frequencies through the sound card of the computer. During the treatment electrodes are attached to the body, which must be connected to the sound card output of the computer. Amplifier is recommended to use in order to achieve adequate signal strength.

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Frequency Generator Protocols for Cancer Stage IV Protocol Written by Webster Kehr, Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. 

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