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Virtual Wishing Machine

Symbolic Radionics--"wishing" machine 
Joshua Warren was on Coast to Coast last night. Although he talked about radionics and symbolic radionics, he used different phrasing, calling it "wishing machine" and "virtual" wishing machine. The above is the virtual wishing machinge available at his website. 
His challenge was for everyone to print it, write a wish out and put in the middle of the diagram, and put it away and see what happens. He emphasizes that the wish should be reasonable, and it should also be something you are working on from some other direction. He also cautions that what we put out there has consequences, so be aware. I would say use "in the whole best interest of_____" in whatever you try.  
His website is semi crashed after this. But it is this /  
We are to share any successes we have with this (email him).

The Wishing Machine
The purple diagram that appears at the link is the virtual "Wishing Machine" you can save (right click and hit "Save As"), print
out (in color) and use now.  Enlarge it and
Just write your wish  on it and set it in your WISH BOX or somewhere it cannot be disturbed for a while. has terrific info on how to ADD POWER to your wish coming true.    1. Make a wishlist of what you want in life.      Prioritize the items on your wish list. Begin with what is most important to you.
      Determine what you need to do to have that wish come true. For example:
          * Wish: To play the guitar well/To do well in tests and exams.
          * Need to do: Take classes/Study.
          * Sit with a friend who knows how to play and write songs to give to ROCK stars.
          * Get some books from the library
          * Search the internet for information. Downloads.
      Make it a point to do what you need to do in order to make your wish come true. Be sure to keep updating your wishlist as you reach certain parts of your goals.
      Start slowly. But make it a habit to keep referring back to your wishlist at least once a week. Eventually your wishes will begin to turn into realities.
      Meditate regularly about what you want to happen. This will clear your mind and help you find out if your wish is actually needed.
    * Know exactly what you want because what you might have wanted when you were ten years old is not as important when you are fifteen years old.
"The only thing worse than not getting your wish is getting it. " Oscar Wilde


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in a class by itself 
By Amazon Customer TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on March 28, 2004
Format: Paperback 
This is a strange and fun little book that challenges one's understanding of the world as we are told it exists. The ideas and devices discussed herein are "impossible" or "frauds" by the standards of some. The trouble is, they work! Maybe not always and for everyone, but they work often enough for some pretty level-headed engineer types like John Campbell and G. Harry Stine to be convinced. Campbell was the famous (some would say infamous) editor of Analog magazine during its heyday, and Stine worked as an engineer in the aerospace industry. I have personally used dowsing rods and they worked for me even though I didn't believe they would work at all. (It was a very strange feeling when they moved, too.) 
The book covers such things as pyramids, dowsing rods, energy wheels, and a couple of "strange machines" called the Hieronymus machine (after its inventor) and the Wishing Machine. It even delves into the realm of "symbolic machines," variations of these devices which work even if only the schematic is used. Stine discusses his introduction to these devices, his experiments with them, people's reactions to them, and directions/methods for further research. Although not mentioned in this book, other countries, such as the former USSR, researched such things heavily, and are rumored to have made some very strange and possibly dangerous strides in this field which they call "energetics." 
If you think that there is no scientific basis for any of this, you are not current in cutting-edge physics (which is in turn billions of years behind the Universe itself). The work of Myron Evans in O(3) Electrodynamics, Sach's Unified Field Theory, and Michael Leyton's work in higher dimensional symmetry, among others, give plenty of theoretical basis for these beasties to function... 
Those who think such things are frauds should not waste their time here. This book is for people who are rational, open-minded, and believe in the empirical part of scientific method. Try them and decide for yourself, unless you prefer to let others do all your thinking for you. Remember, all great scientific breakthroughs were fought tooth and nail by the "keepers of the status quo" of their time. 
This book is for people who want to push the envelope, not hide in it.


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