Thursday, November 12, 2015

Surviving Cancer - The Beautiful Truth


Cancer and Vitamin B17:

Cancer The Forbidden Cures!:

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by Paul Wheaton

Paul Wheaton talks to Helen Atthowe again about cancer and the movie, The Beautiful Truth. Helen dislikes the lack of direct communication in the medical world, and shares some of her story with her naturopath. Helen was uninterested in doing radiation. Helen talks about the fear she experienced in the medical world. Helen compares looking at the health of her body to the health of an agricultural ecosystem. Helen talks about mineral balancing. Paul rants about breast cancer and the ickiness behind it. Helen went to the Biomedical Center in Mexico, and had a really wonderful experience. It was much more human-to-human, natural, caring, and successful. The clinic uses the hoxey treatment. Paul and Helen talk about side effects. Helen comments on her doctor, and the movie, The Beautiful Truth. Helen shares that she had been taking an Emergen-C packet everyday for 5 years, which has aspartame. She also eliminated the soy, overheated oils, and honey from her diet. Helen shares about Gerson therapy as well, and alkaline diets.