Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sign your name for disclosure of political spending!

President Obama recently reiterated his support for a constitutional amendment to overturn decisions like Citizens United. In the meantime, there is something very concrete that he can do as president to alleviate one aspect of big money corrupting our elections.

Corporations that receive government contracts can secretly funnel untold sums to help elect (and re-elect) the very same lawmakers responsible for awarding those contracts.

The president can and should sign an executive order requiring federal contractors to disclose their political spending.

SIGN YOUR NAME: Urge President Obama to issue an executive order requiring disclosure of political spending by companies that receive federal contracts>>

Companies like Lockheed Martin, Verizon and even subsidiaries of Koch Industries are awash in taxpayer money they receive from federal contracts. As you can imagine, the amount of money being spent to influence our elections by all the huge corporations that receive these contracts is staggering.

President Obama has the authority to fight money-in-politics corruption and shine some much-needed light on this spending simply with the stroke of a pen.

Please ask President Obama to take action with an executive order now>>

In the Citizens United era, the problem of big money flooding our elections is compounded by the lack of transparency in all that spending. Please add your name now to do something about it.

If we’re loud enough, the president will hear us!

Thank you for your action.
Gabriella Landeros
Digital Manager