Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stop Monsanto's latest attack

It's time to join forces with India's farmers to stop Monsanto. With your help, we can make sure small farms and native ecosystems won't be wiped out by the consequences of unbridled Monsanto GMOs.

Ask the government of India to stand up for small farmers and reject Monsanto's GMO corn!

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India's food crops are currently GMO-free -- but that’s about to change very soon, if we don't act now and stop Monsanto's latest attack.

Monsanto wants to introduce its genetically engineered food crops, starting with its pesticide-resistant corn, despite facing local opposition.

Monsanto’s pesticide-soaked, monoculture corporate agriculture is awful for farmers and the environment. And once Monsanto gets control of a country's food system, it’s virtually impossible for farmers to get free.

It's not too late. Sign the petition to stop Monsanto from holding India's farmers to ransom!

Monsanto’s business model is simple: Get farmers hooked on its genetically engineered, pesticide-resistant seeds. Force those farmers to buy new seeds every year -- or get sued. And sell them massive amounts of pesticides to spray on those seeds.

That’s why, once Monsanto gets its foot in the door, it's able to almost completely take over a country’s agricultural system.

We’ve seen it all happen before in India. A decade ago, Monsanto managed to get its cotton seeds approved in India. Now over 95% of the cotton crop is owned by Monsanto.
And Monsanto has the same plan for India’s food crops.

Wrecking ecosystems, selling toxic chemicals, and driving small farmers out of business are all in a day's work for Monsanto. But it's not too late for India, if we act now.

SumOfUs was created to support people’s struggles against corporate greed around the world. And we are already fighting back against Monsanto -- we helped the tiny state of Vermont raise almost a quarter of a million dollars to defend themselves against Monsanto’s bullying. If we can raise enough pressure on the Indian government to refuse Monsanto’s GMO crops, we can stop it from exploiting a market of 1.25 billion people.

Ask the government of India to reject Monsanto's attempts to take over India's food system and save India's farmers!

Thanks for all that you do,
Kaytee, and the team at SumOfUs
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