Tuesday, January 31, 2023

17,000 doctors and scientists say to CEASE THE VACCINES

17,000 doctors and scientists say to CEASE THE VACCINES



The Pentagon was directly responsible for the Covid 19 narrative.
- Vaccine killed more soldiers during WW1 than did enemy guns.
- Doctor confirms miscarriages up by 50% due to the Covid vaccine



Monday, January 30, 2023

The Wisdom Of Clark

Excess Deaths? No Worries. No Stress. We Know Everything's Fine, Say The Blind, To The Rest. While The Best, Is Genocide Wise, But Denied All Respect. Laughing As You, It Is Who, Has A Noose On Your Neck!

Excess Deaths? No Worries. No Stress. We Know Everything's Fine, Say The Blind, To The Rest. While The Best, Is Genocide Wise, But Denied All Respect. Laughing As You, It Is Who, Has A Noose On Your Neck!

Oh, I heard that lockdowns, long now since over and the super settled science, of climate change, was to blame, for the massive excess deaths, thinking hurts in the brain, when entertaining ideas, that the rest says is best, but seems clearly worthy of distain. It doesn't seem right, no it seems quite inane, but the NPC majority isn't lame, everyone can't be so wrong and clearly insane. If anything is off, it must be me and my brain. Paranoid, must avoid, not being the same, unique is devoid, of being cheered, without fear, of the shame. The potential truth isn't worth, the canceling and distain, of the woke, the real joke, is their asleep, not awake. 

And what the hell, all is well, excess deaths are dispelled very well just as well, by the new normal things, that were odd, until now. Now that slavery is freedom, is seems dumb to rebel. 2 plus 2 now is 5, question LGBT ideology, you're not leaving alive. They wouldn't change all meanings, of the things in our lives, if they didn't know best, it's just mean, to decry as evil, the good guys, now shut the fuck up or be sued and removed and trust the damn science. Antifa is an i-dea, now give in to their violence, feel fear, it's the terrorism of the right side of history here, crystal clear, that those taking the boot, punch, and bike lock are the aggressors here. The fascists must be smashed up and punched in the ear. No more rights to do commerce because my enemies, are all Nazis, because they don't adhesively, with conformity, to a tee, walk in lock step and adhere, to the narrative, we swear it is, our identity and deity, to replace the old ways of the depraved founding fathers and owners of slaves. 

Nevermind that a war was fought exclusively, by these men, to eliminate, this depraved way to behave, now their descendents can't bank if they engage in wrongthink. No quarter, no trial, no charges for years, no election integrity efforts forthcoming, but affirm a million genders. No compromise, no reprieve, can't buy and sell and do well, but in this hellscape, there's no mark of the beast, you're a freak, for saying your piece, we're elite, we manipulate and invert, perverts that pervert the real meaning of words, it's absurd, but you know that we know, that it's all a hollow sack of lies, the meaning is to twist, as seen fit, and take pride, that the ends justify, the means, so meaning is meaningless, unless it benefits our side, strip away meaning, as a means to easily hide what their meaning to hide. Their dark demonic hearts that fall right in line with fascist designs. You see, the difference between us and the Third Reich, is that they were wrong, and we are totally right, authoritarianism is OK, when you have dopy, lofty,  utopian dream, in your dweeb minds. Fancies of flight. Can't take two wrongs and alchemy up a right. Objective truth was the first one in line and it easily died. Nothing contradicts, no conflicts, just design. 

Footsoldiers in black, will eventually be, uncerimosinously, evilly tossed aside. The woke agenda defenders, are expendible lives. What you think you believe, has been seeded, in your mind, culturally conditioned, lied to and primed. Your leaders took you for a ride. They don't care about your gay pride, they just care that you eagerly self sterilize, these elites are depopulation guys. Give you atrazine, in the water you're drinking, gay frogs are real and now can you see, the stacked deck, that invariably, lead to your inability, to pass on your seed, there's no need to even try, nothing can reproduce and bear fruit, from sodomy between any two guys. Genderfluid is stupid, they're feeding you lies  No little brothers and sisters will enter in this life, from women who find, their sexual pleasure, with no need for a mister, no need for a guy. No one new born to be a resister, will result from when any two lesbians  scissor. It doesn't matter how much you love on and you kiss her. 

Global warming, the best threat yet, yes it's pretty neat, as the Earth itself pleads for you, to unselfishly self delete, any chance of your progeny, not seeing defeat. Everyone will die, you must now believe, saving the planet, demanded, for you not to breed. Eat GMO death seeds, inhale chemtrails, when you breath. We admit finally, it's real technology, yes indeed. But don't worry, you see, we haven't spayed anything yet, but now it's admitted, so if we do it later on and you continue to notice, no reason to fret it, forget it. How did we see evidence of the same shit before, but you weren't doing it yet?

Now comes the COVID, and a bioweapon, offered up as the cure, to the crisis our labs finally now admit, that we created, in the first place to foment, the fear needed to get, people to take gene therapy, called a vaccine, with a troubling record of non human testing. But censored doctors that have eyes left to see, and use force and cohersion, immediately, experiments we must all agree we will be, pushed through, at huge risk, and yet at lightning warp speed. Emergency powers undue years of how much testing, we've previously all agreed, there is needed to be, before a potentially, lethal injection, needs tested to see, with any cerainty, that we won't actually, genocide much of existing humanity, with numbers so high and mandated, that eventually every in the paper suddenly. 

But it's OK, we deflect and don't admit shit. Let's see how stupid we can make the excuses, and they still will buy it. Use excuses like literally this, heart attacks can come from, when one too quickly turns their damn neck. Believe it even though you never before heard of such shit. Like getting hit, just right in a NFL game, in the chest, to jumpstart, not the heart, but infar-ction, and then cardiac arrest. I can attest, you can bet, that I've never seen, such a silliness of a mess transgress, it's obscene, if you know what I mean. 

Yep. I've never seen such a thing, in a game, over the last 4 decades. Kids often having heart attacks, is also now suddenly, also now a real thing, since "dying suddenly" became all the rage. Can't recall, that common wisdom being common at all, in those same 4 decades. The writings on the wall.

Fit soccer players and 25 year old NFL supermen, are now also dropping like flies, but it's totally normal and simultaneously unprecedented guys! Orwellian, double speak, is a super freak, when logical arguments fail 'cas they're weak.

What's next? A nuke going off and being the scapegoat to a large degree? Or perhaps it's the tainted, golden priced eggs, that farmers swear is connected to sabotaged feed. "Chicken lives don't matter" protestors, cull the herd, but I've heard, it's absurd and there is no real need. Massive amounts of unused chicken feed, while masses of chickens lay and they bleed. Speaking of masses, they're historically, slower than molasses. But lately, conspiracy theorists are holding their head high and tinfoil insults have spoiled, look low brow, classless, and tired.

Allow me to digress, ABL is a master, Cryptocurrency will fulfill prophecy, leave us oppressed and cashless.

But yes, it's a new day, for those truth seekers, who were so long and often the butt of the joke, from fools steady laughing, wearing rose tinted glasses and looking like asses. 

#ProudConspiracyTheorist So to hell with black pill negativity. Imagine, work for, and manifest a new and improved manifest destiny and co-create with our marvelous subconsciousness, the world we want to see, is the world we will get if we do not relent.

All apologies, for the crassness, while I lip whip the real fascists. Well, that's it! Poetic rant, was fun while it lasted.


By "cull the heard" I want to be clear I meant the chickens and not humanity. All is well and swell now in hellthcare and everywhere else, there is to be. If you are blind and ignorant, willfully, and full of yourself, the ego, mi amigos, is the pride before we take the fall, while thinking we stood so immovably tall. Ok y'all. Nighty night time now, 6 feet down, in the ground, sleeping so sound, in a dirt nap, pine basket, now go back to sleep, slumber everlasting! ๐Ÿ’ค Or wake up, like you're late for work and get at it, work with some jerks like me, not the help that is wanted, but the help that we needed, to fight no good dirty bastards!


Debunking the Debunkers: Censor This And You Prove It's True! 3,000 EXCESS DEATHS IN BRITAIN EACH WEEK, I WONDER WHAT THE CAUSE IS? ☠️ 2 million excess deaths have been recorded since the mass roll-out of the Covid-19 injections.


Sunday, January 29, 2023

Welcome To HELLth!

Censor This And You Prove It's True! 3,000 EXCESS DEATHS IN BRITAIN EACH WEEK, I WONDER WHAT THE CAUSE IS? ☠️ 2 million excess deaths have been recorded since the mass roll-out of the Covid-19 injections.



ะœะตะฝัŽ The Pfizer-Gate Scandal: Mortality Rates reveal a Shocking... https://expose-news.com/2023/01/22/pfizergate-2million-excess-deaths/ However, recent reports from the Governments of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and most of Europe have raised alarm bells as they confirm that 2 million excess deaths have been recorded since the mass roll-out of the Covid-19 injections.

The unprecedented death numbers were not COVID-19, but happened to coincide with the timing of the roll-out of the experimental, brand new technology, emergency use COVID-19 vaccines. The catastrophic effect of the draconian “mitigation” rules imposed on the healthy population of the world had already been in place for a year, it may be a contributing factor, but doesn’t necessarily explain the timing. And if that was the explanation, then the “cure” is excessively worse than the burden of the disease.

U.S. Suffered 300K EXCESS Non-COVID Deaths Since 2020 https://beforeitsnews.com/survival/2023/01/u-s-suffered-300k-excess-non-covid-deaths-since-2020-2787402.html The United States has suffered 300,000 excess deaths, not related to COVID-19 since 2020. While COVID lockdowns are being blamed for the deaths, something else was rolled out that may be having an impact.

Don't look at me... I'm in the conspiracy cult so it ain't my fault! ๐Ÿ˜œ