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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


2 Minnesota beekepers see necessary compensation

Beekeepers have instinctively known this all along, but a new landmark study has linked insecticide dust to damaged beehives. This is a sad but welcome confirmation of what beekeepers in Minnesota have been trying to tell the world for years now.
In the first test of a breakthrough environmental law, Minnesota has compensated two beekeepers whose hives were severely damaged last spring by toxic dust that drifted off the fields of a neighbor planting GM corn. Neonicotinoids were to blame. Though they are the most widely used class of pesticides, the combination of agricultural chemicals is what is really causing havoc for the bees.
Specifically, clothianidin, which is used as a coating on most of the corn and soybean seeds used in American agriculture, has caused extreme loss in the Midwest. It is absorbed into plants as they grow, affecting even the pollen once it is mature.
Beekeepers are distressed, sometimes with over 1000 hives to tend to and the continual decline of their bee colonies. A missing combination of milkweed, clover, and other wildflowers, along with the liberal use of pesticides and various diseases have left even the most seasoned beekeepers in turmoil. This act of compensating beekeepers is a huge win for an industry that has been fighting the chemical giants for years on the subject of colony collapse disorder.
As one beekeeper named Ellis, in Barrett Minnesota, told the Star Tribune:
“This is supposed to be the land of milk and honey.”
Sadly, it is more like the land of Monsanto’s killer chemicals, and the products from other Big Ag companies who have sold farmers and gardeners alike on the notion that pesticides and herbicides are needed to fight pests and weeds. Instead, all that is likely needed is more biodiversity and better soil, but these claims seem to fall on deaf ears unless you are a beekeeper. Ellis lost 1,200 of his 2,200 hives last year.
He isn’t alone. Most Midwestern crops are now genetically engineered to withstand Roundup herbicide, so farmers can kill weeds efficiently without harming their yields, a major advance in productivity that was supposed to revolutionize agriculture. Unfortunately, these claims have not been proven, and have often been debunked instead. Meanwhile weeds have grown resistant to the herbicides unleashed on the land.
Sen. Rick Hansen, who sponsored the 2014 law that created the compensation system, said:
“This is the first action of any state, a finding of fact, that neonicotinoids are harmful to bees. Once you have a state compensating people for a loss, it’s real.”
Kristy Allen, founder of Minneapolis honey company, Beez Kneez, fought for the compensation law and testified before the legislature. Being one of the first beekeepers to collect damages from it, she says, “is an irony that kills me.”
There was no violation of state or federal law governing pesticide application, agriculture officials said. Seed coatings are not considered a pesticide application like spraying is, because farmers buy the seed ready to plant. The application occurs at the seed distribution and processing plant. But that, said Allen, signals a significant failure in pesticide law.
“The fact that MDA is compensating me for something that is not illegal is crazy to me,” she said. “It means something is broken.”
This article originally appeared at Natural Society.

Sep 26, 2014 ... Save Our Bees with Moby. Moby knows we've got to stop using bee-killing pesticides before it's too late. Find out why and take action!
Mar 19, 2016 ... Sep 26, 2014 ... Save Our Bees with Moby. Moby knows we've got to stop using bee-killing pesticides before it's too late. Find out why and take ...
Mar 22, 2015 ... Bayer and Co. have sued the European Commission to stop the ban on its bee- killing pesticides -- despite clear evidence its products are ...
Apr 10, 2015 ... Take the next step and do what is necessary to save bees and other pollinators ... Health Canada, Protect the Bees and Reject New Insecticide!

Unbelievably bad science in the movie Seeds of Death?

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How green tea could help you stay slim: Extract in the drink found to reduce amount of starch that is absorbed from food

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Natural Highs - Get High Now (without drugs)

Dayshift vs Nightshift Nurse

Dayshift vs Nightshift Nurse by debunkerbuster

Monsanto Weed Killer Found in German Beer

German Beer Industry in Shock over Glyphosate Contamination

The Munich Environmental Institute (Umweltinstitut München) has released shocking results Thursday of laboratory testing it has completed on 14 of the most sold beers in Germany. The probable carcinogen and World’s most used herbicide – glyphosate – was found in all of the 14 beers tested.
glyphosate beer
German Beer – Glyphosate Testing Results:
Hasseröder Pils – 29,74 μg/l (ppb)
Jever Pils – 23,04 μg/l
Warsteiner Pils – 20,73 μg/l
Radeberger Pilsner – 12,01 μg/l
Veltins Pilsener – 5,78 μg/l
Oettinger Pils – 3,86 μg/l
König Pilsener – 3,35 μg/l
Krombacher Pils – 2,99 μg/l
Erdinger Weißbier – 2,92 μg/l
Paulaner Weißbier – 0,66 μg/l
Bitburger Pils – 0,55 μg/l
Beck’s Pils – 0,50 μg/l
Franziskaner Weißbier – 0,49 μg/l
Augustiner Helles – 0,46 μg/l
In 2015 the World Health Organization’s cancer agency IARC declared that glyphosate is a probable human carcinogen.
The German Brewers’ Association, reacted by calling the study by the Munich Environmental Institute “not credible”, but admitted that low residues of the probable human carcinogen glyphosate could not be prevented, because “the herbicide is now found virtually everywhere after decades of use in agriculture”.
Sustainable Pulse Director Henry Rowlands stated Thursday; “Stone-Age industry funded science suggested that the higher the dose of a chemical the more dangerous it was, however modern independent science has discovered that many toxic chemicals have as much or more of an influence on our health at low doses– these chemicals are known as hormone hackers (endocrine disruptors).
“A study from March 2015 stated that the health costs to the European Union of hormone hacking chemicals is over $ 150 Billion per year! The study stated that lower IQ, adult obesity and 5% or more of autism cases are all linked to exposure to endocrine disruptors.
“Glyphosate is likely to be one of these hormone hacking chemicals according to independent science. Find more information on this here.”
For more information on glyphosate please find here:

Unbelievably bad science in the movie Seeds of Death?

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Friday, March 25, 2016 GMO Petitions

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Unbelievably bad science in the movie Seeds of Death?

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Monday, March 21, 2016

GMOs encourage weight gain and obesity, researchers discover

(NaturalNews) Looking around, it's no secret that Americans are putting on the pounds unlike any other time in history. Sure, we can't discount sedentary lifestyles, processed foods and outrageous sugar consumption as contributing factors. At the same time, an elephant in the room is often overlooked -- one known as genetically modified food. Researches are beginning to connect the dots, realizing that the possibility of GMOs contributing to weight gain is not as far-fetched as once thought.

GMOs, bigger appetites and the fattening of America

A long-term project in Norway investigating the health effects of genetically modified foods has come to some startling conclusions regarding the role that GMOs play in the worldwide obesity epidemic. Over a period of 90 days, test rats were fed either food containing genetically modified corn or feed which did not contain GM corn. The scientists discovered that the rats fed a GM corn diet had bigger appetites and grew fatter than those on the non-GM diet. It was also found that rats fed a diet of fish raised on GM corn had a similar result -- increased weight gain.

As noted in ScienceNordic, "If the same effect applies to humans, how would it impact on people eating this type of corn over a number of years, or even eating meat from animals feeding on this corn?" asked lead researcher, Ashild Krogdahl, PhD, a professor at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science.

Anthony Samsel agreed in his article "Obesity, Corn, GMOs":

"Translated to humans, the study suggests: if you dine on meat from an animal which was fed GE grains or consume products made from GE grains like corn, you could get the same adverse life altering effects. You could get fatter faster and retain the weight. These GE foods transfer their effects to you."

The study also observed changes in the immune system, intestinal structure and digestive and reproductive organs, as well as alterations in the liver, kidneys, pancreas and adrenal glands of animals who were fed a GM diet. The implications are monumental. That the animals were less able to digest protein and had changes in the gut lining not only influences obesity but can also give rise to a slew of health issues such as colitis, diabetes, digestive disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorders, sexual dysfunction, sterility, asthma and autism, among many others.

According to the Organic Consumers Association, it's estimated that 75 percent of processed foods contain GMOs -- and 80 percent of all food consumed in the U.S. is processed. It's no surprise that the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) weight gain data shows that obesity has spiked dramatically since the early 1990s -- which just happens to be soon after genetically modified crops were introduced into the food supply.

Considering that 68 percent of Americans are overweight and 34 percent are obese -- with Reuters reporting an annual price tag of $190 billion in related medical costs -- isn't it about time our representatives take a serious look at how GMOs are contributing to this modern day public health crisis?

Learn more about GMOs and how to take action:

Organic Consumers Association 

Institute for Responsible Technology 

Non-GMO Project 

Sources for this article include:

About the author:
Carolanne believes if we want to see change in the world, we need to be the change. As a nutritionist, wellness coach and natural foods chef, she has encouraged others to embrace a healthy lifestyle of green living for over 13 years. Through her website she looks forward to connecting with other like-minded people who share a similar vision. 

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Unbelievably bad science in the movie Seeds of Death?

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Ginger Tea: Dissolves Kidneys Stones, Cleanses Liver and Kills Cancer Cells – Recipe

Due to its strong anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, ginger is considered to be one of the most powerful foods of the 21st…

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Splenda Is Officially Unhealthy

ICYMI, Splenda is officially bad for you.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has formally recommended that consumers avoid sucralose altogether.


Sep 4, 2014 ... Once upon a time last year while I was enjoying a Diet Coke flavored with Splenda I decided to call the soft drink giant with a comment and ...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Free Feed a Bee Seed Packet

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Sep 26, 2014 ... Save Our Bees with Moby. Moby knows we've got to stop using bee-killing pesticides before it's too late. Find out why and take action!
Mar 22, 2015 ... Bayer and Co. have sued the European Commission to stop the ban on its bee- killing pesticides -- despite clear evidence its products are ...
Apr 10, 2015 ... Take the next step and do what is necessary to save bees and other pollinators ... Health Canada, Protect the Bees and Reject New Insecticide!
Oct 12, 2014 ... In recent years, nearly one third of commercial bee colonies in the U.S. have died during the winter months. In Oregon last summer roughly ...


I'm certainly not saying I agree with all the claims made in the below video series, but this game has always creeped me out and these clips demonstrate very well how so many of the cards seem predictive in nature. I can't help but go to the very edges of crazy town and wonder if time travel technology or a simulated reality is a part of this puzzle??? Whatever the case may be, my advice is this, don't let these cards scare you too much or sow seeds of distrust with individuals you otherwise have no reason to question.

If there is something strange beyond extreme coincidence going on here, you can rest assured it's an attempt to shape your reality, not just gloat about the control they have over it. Some say that the global elite believe that they must warn you of their plans in an twisted attempt to relieve them of bad karma. If so, would that not mean that their plans were not set in stone? Why threaten that Donald Trump can be assassinated? Perhaps because they are trying to manifest that possibility or scare him into submission? Again, both are indications of a lack of total control.

Created in 1995 - Click to Enlarge


Monopoly Men (Federal Reserve Fraud) (1999)

Monopoly Men (Federal Reserve Fraud) (1999) by debunkerbuster



Nemesis Star Theory - The Suns Evil Red Dwarf Twin (Full Documentary)

Friday, March 18, 2016

'The Young Turks' Scientist Debunked

Infowars Nightly News Director Rob Dew debates Jayde Lovell, resident scientist of the The Young Turks network and SyIQ web series. Jayde was in town for SXSW Interactive to give a speech on how to debate anti-GMO groups, anti-vaccers and climate-deniers. Rob jumped at the chance to challenge her "science" and a lively debate ensued.

Opponents of GMO Labeling Broke Washington's Campaign Finance Law

GMO Labeling opponents broke lawA court in Washington has ruled that the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) violated the state's finance disclosure law when it funneled millions of dollars in dark money from its major corporate members to the campaign that defeated a 2013 ballot initiative to label food containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

The GMA could face up to a $33 million fine if a trial court determines that members of its staff knew they were breaking the law when they attempted to hide the identities of processed food companies opposed to the ballot initiative, which would have required special labels for grocery items containing GMO ingredients.
In a summary judgment released on Friday, a judge found that the GMA failed to disclose the corporate donors in paperwork required by state law, with the intent of shielding the donors' identities from public view and eliminating their campaign finance filing requirements.

The ruling points to internal GMA records revealing that the trade group set up a strategic "defense of brands" account to collect anonymous donations from several major food firms while "shielding individual members" from public "scrutiny." GMA staff also advised member companies on how to dodge questions from the media about the money.

Unbelievably bad science in the movie Seeds of Death?

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Cities Across The West Coast Are Uniting Against Monsanto

Cities Across the West Coast Unite Against MonsantoMonsanto may have stopped developing Polychlorinated Biphenyls — typically known as PCBs — nearly four decades ago, but on the West Coast, lawsuits associated with this toxic group of chemicals keep mounting against the agrochemical giant.

On Wednesday, the Portland City Council voted to sue the Monsanto Company in federal court. Once Portland files the suit, it will become the seventh city to go after Monsanto over the toxic chemicals it produced, Portland City Attorney Tracy Reeve told ThinkProgress.
“Portland’s elected officials are committed to holding Monsanto accountable for its apparent decision to favor profits over ecological and human health,” Reeve said in a statement. “Monsanto profited from selling PCBs for decades and needs to take responsibility for cleaning up after the mess it created.”

In the resolution unanimously approved by the City Council, Portland claims Monsanto is liable for PCB pollution found in the Willamette River — which crosses the city — the Columbia Slough, and other waterways. PCBs have been widely studied since the class of chemical was first mass manufactured in the late 1920s. Used mainly as insulating fluids in heavy-duty electrical equipment, PCBs were eventually found toxic for humans and wildlife and banned in the United States in 1979.

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Thursday, March 17, 2016


Jackson residents stunned as elevated levels of lead were found in drinking water last year but officials didn’t issue a warning until January.

Startlingly elevated levels of lead were found in the water in Mississippi’s capital in June, but a warning was not issued by government officials until January, the Guardian has learned – a contamination that bears some resemblance to the crisis in Flint, Michigan.
As with Flint, the problem in Jackson appears to be related to inadequate corrosion control, and the months of delay in state action raises shades of Flint, something that Michigan governor Rick Snyder will testify on before a congressional committee on Thursday.
An astonishing 22% of homes in Jackson, Mississippi, exceeded the federal “action” lead level of 15 parts per billion, according to government tests done in June. Compare that with Flint, where researchers from Virginia Tech sampled hundreds of homes as residents begged for help and found 16.7% of homes exceeded the federal “action” lead level, though the sampling methodology may be different in the two cases.
But Mississippi officials did not notify the city of Jackson of the results until January, and it was not until February that the state issued a warning for pregnant women and small children. A sampling of 101 homes in January and February this year showed 11% of homes above the federal lead limit – a number that is still worrisome, under federal regulations.