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Sunday, February 28, 2016

ABC - Connie Chung The Miracle of Hyaluronic Acid

Planet X Arrives March/April 2016?

Word around the campfire says yes. More fear porn or time to prepare?

Here is a report posted nearly a year before the late January announcement from astronomers of a newly-discovered Neptune-sized planet that lurks beyond Pluto. The "Leading Planet X / Nibiru expert" expert being interviewed posits that the approach of Planet X is the reason elites have been building underground cities.

Supposed Navy intel map as it relates to Planet X, or as one of the hosts points out, possibly disinfo to discredit people.

Alex Jones recently gave a good balanced report.

Alex Jones: Planet X Resurges To Wreck Your... by debunkerbuster

An interesting scientific and religious take on things in this video warns to not be in the USA if ever you are told that it will definitely be safe there.

Planet X - The 2017 Arrival: 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lethal Lawn Mowers MiniMyth | MythBusters

Woman killed by rock thrown from DOT mower - "Cook said a similar incident occurred in Troup County a few years ago, when a prisoner on a work detail was hit in the jugular by a rock thrown from a mower. The prisoner, who Cook said was scheduled to be released the next day, died."

Running a lawnmower without the grass catching bag or covering the discharge chute can be very dangerous! Rocks, sticks, and other debris can be shot or thrown at the person operating the mower or even other people and children nearby.

Arjuna: An Herbal Hero for the Heart

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Herbal Cardiovascular Care - Herbs for Heart Health

Energy Boost 5 Minute Walk

Energy Boost 5 Minute Walk by debunkerbuster

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Interview with Rich Martini afterlife research, life between lives, and channeling edgar cayce"

Author and award winning filmmaker Richard Martini has written and/or directed 9 indie films. A former free lance journalist for Variety, Inc.Com, Premiere and other magazines, a graduate of the Masters of Professional Writing Program at USC, FlipSide: A Tourist's Guide to the Afterlife is his debut non-fiction book on a topic that's been haunting him since the death of a soul mate.

After a dream vision of visiting his friend in the Great Beyond, Martini went on a literary quest to find out what the prevailing science and philosophical opinions on the Afterlife are. He journeyed into Tibetan Philosophy, made documentaries in Tibet and India, and eventually was introduced to the work of the Newton Institute, founded by renowned author and hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton ("Journey of Souls").


Did Science Just Prove Reincarnation? A Look At The Soul’s Journey After “Death”

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Diets for Blood Type AB Positive

 | By 
Diets for Blood Type AB Positive
A man is weighing his fresh produce at the grocery store. Photo Credit Noel Hendrickson/Digital Vision/Getty Images


Many health professionals believe that an individual's blood type within the A-B-O cell-surface-antigen classification system dictates her ideal dietary regimen. Type AB is very rare, with fewer than 5 percent of people possessing it; it is the only "derivative" blood type and results from a commingling of A and B. Types AB+ and AB- are not believed to differ in the realm of nutritional requirements, says Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo in his book "Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight."

Pseudo-Vegetarian Diet

Type AB people should consume diets consisting primarily of fruits and vegetables of all kinds. Breaking down meat requires a significant amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Although type A people are genetically prone to low stomach acid and type B people readily tolerate meat, the combination of A and B results in individuals heavily slanted toward A in this respect.

As a result, ABs should limit their meat intake, with tofu being a solid substitute. In addition, chicken contains significant amounts of a substance called lectin, which tends to irritate the digestive tracts of ABs for different reasons. Type AB people can increase stomach acid levels by taking the amino acid L-histidine and bitter herbs and avoiding carbonated beverages.

High-Activity, Low-Chemical Diet

Type ABs resemble Type O people in terms of their stress-hormone profile. They possess a propensity to overproduce catecholamines known as adrenaline. Accordingly, ABs are advised to get plenty of intense exercise in order to maintain manageable baseline stress levels, with aerobic exercise preferred over modalities such as yoga and tai chi.

To fuel this exercise requirement, AB types should eat plenty of fructose- and starch-rich foods of the sort they thrive on, particularly grains, with rice preferable to pasta. As an additional consequence of a propensity for stressful states, they should avoid consuming foods containing substances that generate physical or psychological stress reactions through the increased release of adrenalin, such as alcohol and caffeine.

Finally, type ABs tolerate dairy products well, and the more a person exercises, the higher his or her protein requirements, so milk is a sufficient source. Starting the day with a glass of warm water can help allay mucus accumulation resulting from dairy foods.

Eat Frequent, Small Meals

The low stomach acid levels of type ABs also dictates that smaller meals consumed more often throughout the day will be digested more efficiently and completely than larger meals spaced further apart. “Your stomach initiates the digestive process with a combination of digestive secretions, and the muscular contractions that mix food with them." explains Dr. D'Adamo. "When you have low levels of digestive secretions, food tends to stay in the stomach longer.” 

Frequent small meals also fit well into the high-activity lifestyle recommended for AB types, as this diet method keeps the stomach from being overly full at any given time and maintains blood glucose within a narrow range.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Check out this debate clip.

Pharmaceutical companies have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in the 2016 presidential election cycle. Guess which presidential candidate accepted far more campaign cash than any other from Big Pharma? The money went to…drum roll please...Hillary Clinton. What’s more, Clinton says she’s proud to have drug companies as her enemies.
Those who think you can’t buy position in America are sorely mistaken. If there was truly any democracy left in this country, then I’d like for someone to show me.
If we are supposed to be a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives, how does Cargill, Ely Lilly, or Turing Pharmaceutical get to determine who runs the country?
Clinton has been acting as though she has a tough stance on the industry, especially after news of Turing Pharmaceutical’s CEO Martin Shkreli increasing the price of an HIV drug called Daraprim by nearly 5,000%. But the money trail tells a different story.
Clinton accepted $164,315 in the first six months of her campaign for President from drug companies, according to an analysis by Stat News.
Clinton unveiled a plan to combat rising drug prices by clamping down on the rules for pharmaceuticals, and in a recent Democratic debate, she listed off drug companies among the enemies she is most proud to have made in politics. Really?
See Clinton at 0:31 in the democratic debate from October, 2015:

These big, bad companies continue to be big spenders, donating $951,018 to presidential candidates in the 2016 presidential election, according tothe Center for Responsive Politics and the Federal Election Commission – including to her campaign.
Clinton collected $336,416 in donations from the pharma/health industry, over a third of the total contributions during the 2016 presidential campaign. The next biggest recipient was Republican candidate Jeb Bush,who collected less than half the amount of Clinton. Trump received a whopping $1001 – enough to buy one Daraprim pill.
These donations don’t include the big money corporations spend on lobbying Congress as well. For example, Pfizer, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies, spent more than $10 million in lobbying efforts last year.
Big Pharma bets on established candidates that they think they can influence once they are in office. Scott Swenson, vice president for communications for Common Cause, a nonprofit political watchdog group, says:
“Established industries and lobbies give primarily to establishment candidates that they perceive will be leaders and eventual nominees.”
The health industry overall — combining health professionals, hospitals, HMOs and pharmaceutical companies — donated over $9.5 million to the 2016 presidential candidates, making it the third largest donating industry. Clinton is still the top beneficiary from this group, receiving more than $3.5 million in donations.
This post originally appeared at Natural Society

Tell Hillary to give back the $325,000 she received from Monsanto's top GMO lobby group

Hillary Clinton is a Crook - This is Why People Won't Vote for Her (A Letter to ABC's 7:30 Program)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Another Nurse Comes Forward: 'Antonin Scalia Death Investigation Not Handled Properly'

My wife Angela Talboo is an ER RN and former paramedic with 15 years of combined experience. She has stated that she is in agreement with a nurse recently featured on the Alex Jones Show radio program in regards to the improper handling of Antonin Scalia's death investigation. She vehemently disagreed with a reader comment at alleging nurses are not experts in such matters. Angela is not saying the way things were handled necessarily means he was murdered, although the nurse featured on the radio program, Mary from New Jersey, voiced her strong opinion that she thought this was indeed the case.


Former Homicide Commander: 'I Am Stunned That No Autopsy Was Ordered for Justice Scalia'

Historical Precedent Favors Letting Our Next President Appoint Justice Scalia’s Replacement


Animal Testing Breaks Hearts: Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide

☢ Nuclear experts are scared ☢

Nuclear experts are scared. Belgium just restarted two ancient nuclear power plants, that threaten to spark another Chernobyl disaster right in the heart of Europe! 900,000 European Avaazers just won a campaign for inspections. But if the world joins in with the largest call ever for energy safety, we can get the UN to help shut the sites down until proven safe. Sign and share on Facebook, Twitter, email... everywhere, before it’s too late:

Dear Avaazers,

Nuclear experts are scared. Belgium just restarted two ancient power plants, despite the discovery of 16,000 cracks last year in two of the reactors, and a recent explosion at another. They threaten to spark another Chernobyl disaster right in the heart of Europe!

Last week, nearly 900,000 European Avaazers won a campaign demanding international inspections, and got this dangerous story all over the media. If Avaazers around the world join in now, we could get a UN environmental impact body to help shut down the sites for good until they're proven safe.

Belgium's government is under intense pressure. If we build the largest global call ever for energy safety, we can shut these sites down and set a precedent in Europe that could help close dozens of hazardous nuclear plants across the world. Let’s urgently get 2 million of us behind this push -- sign and share on Facebook, Twitter, email… everywhere before it is too late:

We are entering a new era of nuclear risk. The 25 oldest nuclear reactors in Europe are close to or past their 35 years of operation. But this is not just a European problem -- nuclear sites in the US, Japan, India, and Russia are facing similar challenges. And an accident anywhere could threaten people everywhere.

As our nuclear plants get older, the number of failures and accidents keeps growing: elevated amounts of radiation in groundwater was detected near a plant just 25 miles away from New York City, and there was a reported 50% increase in unexpected failures globally between 2000 and 2006.

Belgium is becoming a symbol of the worldwide dangers posed by ageing nuclear plants: in 2014, it set the record for unexpected problems at its nuclear reactors: leaks, cracks and even an explosion last December. Experts say that because some of the cracks are on "one of the most vulnerable parts" of the plant, "if the reactor pressure fails, then we have a Chernobyl or a Fukushima-type accident".

But we have a powerful chance to deactivate this nuclear time bomb in Europe: a UN Convention to prevent environmental damage obliges countries undertaking major projects that might have adverse impact across borders to notify and consult all affected governments and stakeholders. With mounting pressure from Germany and other neighbouring countries and massive public opposition, a call from the UN now could put enough pressure on Belgium, forcing it to shut down the plants.

An accident in Belgium could spread radiation way beyond Belgium's borders and be truly catastrophic. Europeans and people elsewhere should not have to live on the brink of nuclear disaster. Click to join now and tell everyone:
Avaaz campaigned for the world to agree to an ambitious deal at the Paris climate talks to save our planet from the devastating effects of fossil fuels. Now let’s make sure we don’t put our planet at risk gambling with these disastrous, creaking nuclear plants.

With hope and determination,

Luca, Luis, Alaphia, Ana, Marigona, Emma, Alice, Spyro and the rest of the Avaaz Team


Border tensions rumble over ageing Belgian nuclear reactors (The Guardian)

Belgium's ageing nuclear plants worry neighbours (BBC)

Europe’s ageing nuclear reactors must have an environmental assessment (Greenpeace)

Unplanned energy losses due to unplanned shutdowns, outages etc. (IAEA)

Belgian nuclear reactors riddled with 16,000 unexplained cracks (Ecologist)

Friday, February 19, 2016

Michigan officials deliberately blocked investigation into water contamination while poisoning children en masse

NaturalNews) In an extremely unsettling report by Reuters it seems that Michigan officials were actually aware of a serious problem with the water supply in the city of Flint but took measures to block an investigation into an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is said to be undertaking a full review of the way the water crisis was handled, which led to contaminated drinking water seriously poisoning 87 people – 10 of whom died.

The responses from the state and federal government have provoked a great deal of criticism over the past few months and it seems that more could have been done to prevent this crisis.

The Flint water crisis

The city of Flint has seen a lot of publicity over the past year or so, starting back in April 2014 when a state-appointed official made the decision to switch the city’s water supply over, according to Fortune. Flint used to get most of its water from the nearby city of Detroit, which not only supplied the water but also took responsibility for controlling chemicals in the water supply.

The switch seemed logical – stop using water from Detroit and start using the water available in the Flint River, saving the city money. According to Vox, the city of Flint is bankrupt and, along with the rest of Michigan, is actively trying to save as much money as possible.

However, without Detroit’s corrosion-preventing treatment, the water from the river corroded the city’s lead pipes, leaching poisonous metals into the water supply and exposing as many as 8,000 children to elements that have lifelong effects on their nervous systems. According to Curt Guyette, an investigative journalist, some of the water samples tested so high for lead that they were “more than twice the amount at which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classifies water as hazardous waste.”

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the impoverished residents of Flint were consuming the water and complaining loudly to every official within earshot that there was something wrong with it. The water had changed color, had a smell to it and was clearly not right. However, they were reassured time and time again that things were fine.

Was there a cover-up?

In a report by, it seems that Jim Henry, Genesee County Environmental Health Supervisor, is accusing the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality of deliberately blocking the attempts of his office to involve the national health authorities – such as the Centers for Disease Control.

Henry stated, “You could see that it was an intentional, deliberate method to prevent us from doing our job.” The EPA is now reviewing what could have been done differently after these accusations have come to light, and a great deal of public criticism about the way the crisis was handled has been directed at the state government.

To read more, please click here-

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sleep Hypnosis 528 Hz & Whispered Subliminal Positive Affirmations

Sleep hypnosis to help you fall asleep with a 528 Hz miracle solfeggio tone in the background and whispered subliminal suggestions even further in the background. The affirmations subliminally suggested in both the audio and the visuals are for peace, prosperity, happiness, a calm quiet mind, a loving heart, and a good night's sleep. Enjoy.


8 Hours 528 Hz Pure Tone (Transformation & Miracles)

528 hz Solfeggio Tone with Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones

Homemade Crockpot Yogurt Recipe

My homemade crockpot yogurt recipe:
½ gallon whole milk
6 ounces of  plain unsweetened yogurt with active culture (you only need this the first time you make the yogurt as you will be saving a starter for future recipes)
Slow cooker
Food or candy thermometer
Large towel or small blanket
1.        Pour milk into crockpot turned to high and heat to 180 degrees (This was the temperature given in the original recipe but I forgot to check temperatures one day and let it go to 200 and the yogurt was more to my liking with a thicker consistency) – approximately 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours
2.       Once the yogurt has reached the right temperature turn off the slow cooker and allow the milk to cool to 120 degrees.  (I take my removal pot out of the crockpot main base and set it on the counter)
3.       Once the yogurt has cooled to 120 degrees stir in the 6 ounces of live active culture yogurt, using a whisk and stir thoroughly.
4.       Cover the pot with a lid and place a blanket or towels around the crock and put it in an out of the way spot to ferment for 6-8 hours or overnight. (I put mine in the microwave overnight.)
5.       Unwrap the blanket/towel from the crockpot and place it in the refrigerator to let the yogurt cool completely.  No stirring is necessary as it will set better if you leave it undisturbed.
6.       After it is completely cooled I transfer mine into individual serving size bowls.  You can leave it in the crock or transfer it to one large container if that is what you choose.  If it is a little runny or watery you can either pour off the excess water or strain it through a cheese cloth.
7.       I sweeten mine to taste with various sweeteners and use a variety of fresh fruits and other ingredients, depending on my mood. 
Some of my favorite additives are listed below but you can measure to taste, experiment and have fun.  Just wing it!  
Stevia or Truvia
Maple syrup
Chocolate bits or syrup

Lupe Fiasco - Put You On Game [Lyrics]

"Put You On Game"

[The Game: Laughing, smoking]

Lemme put you on game [gunshot]
Lemme put you on game

Don't you know that I run this place,
And I've begun this race,
Must I rerun this pace?
I'm the reason its become this way
And their love for it is the reason I have become this praised
(lemme put you on game)
They love my darkness,
I make them heartless,
And in return, the have become my martyrs,
I've been in the poem of many a poet,
And I reside in the art of many a artist
(lemme put you on game)
Some of your smartest have tried to artictulate
My whole part in this
But they're fruitless in their harvestin'
The drow grows from my footsteps
I'm the one that they follow,
I am the one that they march with
(lemme put you on game)
Through the back alleys
And the black markets,
The Oval Offices,
Crackhouses and apartments
Through the mazes of the queens,
The pages of the sages
And the Chambers of The Kings
(lemme put you on game)
Through the veins-es of the fiends,
A paper chaser's pager,
Yo, I'm famous on the scene
One of the oldest, most ancient-est of things
Speak every single language on the planet, y'all mean?
(lemme put you on game)
I am the American dream,
The rape of Africa
The undying machine,
The overpriced medicine,
The murderous regime,
The tough guy's front,
And the one behind the scenes
(lemme put you on game)
I am the blood of this city,
It's gas, water, and electricity,
I'm it's gym, and it's math, and it's history,
The gunshots in the class
And you can't pass if you're missin, G.
I taught them better than that
I taught them aim for the head
And hope they never come back
I'm glad your daddy's gone, baby,
Hope he never comes back,
I hope he's with your mother,
With my hustlers high in my trap
(lemme put you on game)
I hope you die in his trash,
I can't help it all I hear when you're crying is laughs
I'm sure somebody find you tied up in this bag,
Behind the hospital little baby,
Crack addicts had
(lemme put you on game)
Then maybe you can grow up to be a stripper,
A welfare-receiving prostitute
And gold digger,
You can watch on TV,
How they should properly depict you,
The rivers should flow with liqour,
Quench your thirst on my elixers,
(lemme put you on game)
I am the safe haven for the rebel runaway and the resistor
Ihe trusted misleader,
The number one defender,
And from a throne of their bones I rule,
These fools are my fuel
So I make them Cool
(lemme put you on game)
Baptize them in the water out of Scarface pool,
And feed 'em from the table that held Corleone's food,
If you die, tell them that you played my game
I hope your bullet holes become mouths that say my name,
'Cause I'm the... [gunshot]


Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey

God Gave Me Everything / Mick Jagger feat Lenny Kravitz - Lyrics

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

3D Printed Body Parts

5-HTP Benefits

Most 5-HTP also known as oxitriptan (INN)is extracted from the seeds of a woody climbing shrub native to West Africa, called the Griffonia simplicifolia plant.

What is 5-HTP?

5-HTP or "hydroxy L-tryptophan" (5-Hydroxytryptophan)  is a naturally-occurring amino acid and  is the precursor and metabolic intermediate in the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin from tryptophan. 5-HTP is converted to the neurotransmitter serotonin (5-HT), with the help of vitamin B6. This occurs both in nervous tissue and in the liver. 5-HTP crosses the blood-brain barrier  (while 5-HT does not). Supplementation with 5-HTP therefore increases production of Serotonin.

5-HTP health benefits

Widely used to help with obesity (dieting), PMS, migraines, depression, anxiety, insomnia and addictive behaviour. 5 HTP increases production of serotonin. Serotonin levels in the nervous system are essential for so many aspects of our daily lives. Serotonin is responsible for feelings of well being, satisfaction and for normal sleep patterns. Obesity, PMS, migraines, depression, anxiety, insomnia and addictive behavior have all been associated with low levels of serotonin. Serotonin plays an important role in controlling anger, aggression, body temperature, mood, sleep, human sexuality, appetite, and metabolism, as well as stimulating vomiting.

It is thought the hectic modern lifestyle of stress and bad eating habits lowers serotonin levels in the body. It is known that irritability, aggression, impatience, anxiety and worrying cause the body to release serotonin. This Serotonin then needs to be replenished by the body from the food you eat. But Serotonin is not found in large quantities in most diets so the body has to makes it itself from foods which contain L-tryptophan, such as chocolate, oats, bananas, dried dates, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, meat, fish, turkey, chicken, sesame, chickpeas, and peanuts. Many people therefore crave the foods listed (fats and carbohydrates), especially when stressed, causing weight gain, depression, headaches, and muscle aches.

Atkins Diet - reduce cravings

Clinical studies have shown that supplementing with 5-HTP produces positive results in weight loss, anxiety and depression. It improves sleep patterns and reduces carbohydrate cravings in those on low carbohydrate diets (such as The Atkins Diet). Anyone using a weight loss program similar to the Atkins Diet could experience a reduction in serotonin levels due to the fact that carbohydrates stimulate serotonin production in the body. Serotonin release is triggered by a carbohydrate load (sugar etc.) and it is thought that's why we often crave Carbohydrates under stress as we want to stimulate this serotonin release. When the brain produces serotonin, tension is eased.  Conversely when the brain produces dopamine or norepinephrine (noradrenaline), we tend to think and act more quickly and are generally more alert. Therefore eating carbohydrates seems to have a calming effect, while proteins increase alertness.

Taking 5-HTP supplements can stop this craving for fats and carbohydrates, as well as providing the body with the means to control all those other functions listed above, such as anger, appetite and sleep.

Help with Depression and Anxiety

Some research has been done into 5-HTP and shows it has potential to help with depression and possibly anxiety, panic disorder, sleep disorders and obesity. 5-HTP seems to have the same effects as SSRI (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors) antidepressants.
Prescription drugs that raise serotonin levels are prescribed for all of these problems, but many people believe 5-HTP is a natural way to accomplish the same thing.


For improving sleep, it is widely recommended to take 5-HTP 30 mins before going to bed, as apart from producing Serotonin, 5-HTP also produces Melatonin, which is a sleep-inducing hormone. The usual dosage is either a 50mg or 100mg tablet. The effects of taking 5-HTP can be felt within 10 to 30 mins.
Try to buy 5-HTP which also contains vitamin B6, as Vit B6 is needed for 5-HTP conversion into serotonin.
Much higher doses seem to be required for weight loss and to reduce migraines. Dosages up to around 900mg a day seem to be widely reported.
5-HTP is usually tolerated much better than traditional antidepressants. Excess 5-HTP is thought to be metabolized and excreted, especially when taken with Vitamin B6.
Why not try some today and see if you too can reduce your cravings, stress and anger levels, as well as getting a good night's sleep!

USDA: Retailers That Accept SNAP Must Expand 'Healthy Food' Choices; 168 Items Per Store

By Susan Jones | February 16, 2016 | 11:47 AM EST
 A sign announcing the acceptance of electronic Benefit Transfer cards at a farmers market in Roseville, California. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
( - The U.S. Agriculture Department on Tuesday announced a proposed rule intended to give food stamp (SNAP) recipients increased access to healthy foods, by requiring stores that accept SNAP to stock a wider variety of healthy food choices.

"USDA is committed to expanding access for SNAP participants to the types of foods that are important to a healthy diet," USDA Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services Kevin Concannon said in a news release. "This proposed rule ensures that retailers who accept SNAP benefits offer a variety of products to support healthy choices for those participating in the program."

The 2014 Farm Bill required USDA to develop regulations to ensure that stores taking part in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program offer a broader variety of healthy food choices.

Under the proposed rule announced Tuesday, retailers that accept SNAP benefits would be required to offer "seven varieties of qualifying foods in four staple food groups for sale on a continuous basis, along with perishable foods in at least three of the four staple food groups."

The staple foods groups are dairy products; breads and cereals; meats, poultry and fish; and fruits and vegetables. In addition, the proposal calls for retailers to stock at least six units within each variety, leading to a total of at least 168 required food items per store.

And what if retailers just drop SNAP rather than comply with the "168 required food items per store"?

USDA says it is "working to ensure that access to food retailers is not hindered for SNAP participants as a result of this rule."

It is seeking comments and suggestions on the proposed rule to help determine "when, where and if any flexibility should be provided" to prevent reductions in SNAP client food access." (To prevent small businesses from saying forget about it, in other words.)

More than 260,000 retailers nationwide are currently authorized to redeem SNAP benefits.

The proposed rule also "underscores USDA's authority to publicly disclose information about SNAP retailers who are disqualified or sanctioned for program violations." That publicly disclosed information would include the name and address of the store, the owners' names, and a description of the violation.

"SNAP violations are a serious matter," Concannon said. "Public disclosure of this information is intended to serve as a deterrent against retailer fraud. The information would provide the public with insight into the integrity of these businesses and individuals."

According to USDA, SNAP is the nation's "first line of defense" against hunger. It provides supplemental food for about 45-million low-income individuals in the United States.

USDA says nearly half of SNAP participants are children, 10 percent are elderly and more than 40 percent of recipients live in households with earnings.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Rappers Love Donald Trump

Rappers Love Donald Trump by debunkerbuster

New album O.N.I.F.C. available in stores/online now. Download on iTunes here:

American dream baby. :) Rappers Love Donald Trump:


Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | February 10, 2016
Residents of Flint, Michigan recently had their lives turned upside down by revelations that their tap water has been poisoned with dangerous levels of lead. The staggering health ramifications of lead poisoning, coupled with the scandalous actions of local, state, and federal governments in turning a blind eye to this poisoning, has captured the nation’s collective horror.
Left unspoken, however, in the media’s coverage of the Flint tragedy is the role that Flint’s fluoridation program may have played in intensifying this crisis.
In the following FAN Special Report, we explain why fluoridation may well be magnifying the hazards of Flint’s lead crisis, not only by increasing the corrosivity of water, but by facilitating the uptake of lead into blood and aggravating lead’s toxic effects on the brain.
The lead crisis, and fluoridation’s exacerbation of it, is not just a Flint problem, it’s a national problem, as millions of Americans from all corners of the country are drinking fluoridated water that flows through lead-contaminated pipes on route to the tap.
We hope this report will serve as a useful primer for those looking to understand this important, yet poorly understood, risk to public health.
Michael Connett
Executive Director
Fluoride Action Network
Los Angeles, CA

Over 4,000 Professionals Call for an End to Water Fluoridation - Learn Why, How You Can Help Their Campaign, & How to Filter Fluoride in Your Drinking Water

Dangers Of Fluoride and How To Decalcify Your Pineal Gland |

Yummy Non-fluoride Toothpaste