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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Rand Paul Confronts Transgender Health Nominee Rachel Levine about Genital Mutilation

 Rand Paul Confronts Transgender Health Nominee Rachel Levine about Genital Mutilation via @BitChute

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Friday, February 12, 2021

Facts about the COVID vaccines

Murder By 'Vaccine' - The Evidence Mounts - David Icke Dot-Connector 

It’s Official: mRNA Covid Vaccines Are Euthanizing Thousands Of Old People Worldwide - FULL SHOW 2/11/21 

Thursday, February 11, 2021



Become informed about COVID vaccinations and then do your own risk vs. benefit analysis

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Forcing children to wear masks IS child abuse so stand up for what is right!!!

Firefighter shows Oxygen levels wearing various masks, VIOLATES OSHA 

Forcing children to wear masks IS child abuse so stand up for what is right!!!

Required Oxygen levels (as per OSHA) are not achieved using any of the masks on the market Jeff Neff.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021



Salt Lamp Health Benefits | 10 Reasons You Need A Himalayan Salt Lamp - TOOL IN THE ARSENAL FOR FIGHTING 5G?


A salt lamp, also known as a Himalayan salt lamp, is a large piece of Himalayan salt that strongly resembles a rock in aspect and which contains a bulb meant to illuminate. Most of the products sold on the market are a solid-shaped one-piece, but there is a variety of ways in which the salt can be put as to obtain a more sophisticated aspect. Not only are they some nice interior decorations which turn a room into a more intimate space, but they are also natural sources of light.

The Rise of Holistic Healing

Contents [show]

What westerners acknowledge nowadays as holistic healing is an extension of the Eastern world’s older traditions. To offer you an example, see the ancient Chinese medicine or the Indian Ayurvedic one. Some were based upon how the body interacts with the external environment through the use of herbs. In China, the local doctors were specialized in localizing certain energy centers which, when activated, were believed to provide people with a better health and a stronger physique even well into the old age.

More than concentrating on the physical body, these medics chose to focus on one’s emotional well-being and spiritual status. They thought back then (a belief that is currently being reinforced) that when a disease occurs, the body would be the last one affected. These doctors had the faith that an illness would first impact a man’s emotions (the spirit), then affect the mind (the reason), and only afterward become visible as to be treated. However, their purpose was to avoid the diseases spreading up to that point, and instead support the people’s emotional health by using various methods of which many are gaining more popularity by the day.

Holistic healing played a huge role in the Indigenous societies on the American territory as well. Still, many of them seem to have taken things one step further by claiming that everything was connected. Thus, a man’s health was strongly dependent on the environment he lived in, and, on a larger scale, to the entire Universe.

Even Socrates whom many of us are familiar with stressed this idea of a whole that needed to be healed, even if only one of its parts was injured.

But what is with this sudden interest in alternative medicine at the present moment, given that many of its methods are either unapproved or do not enjoy much scientific evidence in regards to their true effectiveness? Everywhere we go, we are bound to see or hear at least once a day the terms “organic” or “bio.” In spite of the majority of Westerners still deeming it as not being trustworthy due to a long history of superstitions, one cannot deny holistic medicine’s effect, be it even a placebo one. People have begun distrusting today’s medical treatments where chemicals are the main part and have headed towards more natural practices. Practicing yoga or meditating, using incense stick and semi-precious gemstones to balance the energy inside our bodies are only a few of the habits one integrates into his or her daily routine for better health. Of all the objects used to enhance the method’s impact, salt lamps are easily some of the most recognizable ones. People do not necessarily buy them for their health-related benefits, but because they look beautiful and emit a dim light which often offers a soothing sensation.

Why Should You Own a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

What sets these lamps apart from other objects used by people interested in the holistic medicine is the fact that they are made of Himalayan salt, one that many specialists, as well as the residents in the Asian regions crossed by the mountains, regard as the “white gold.” Still, what makes this type of salt so interesting in comparison to that extracted from the ocean, one might wonder. Firstly, the Himalayan salt is hundreds of millions of years old. According to numerous research projects conducted in the area, more than 250 million years ago, huge portions of sea salt have been covered with lava which then solidified. This actihimalayan_salt_health_benefits_350x342on combined with the numerous layers of ice deposited on the plate tectonics kept them well-protected from the external factors up to the present day. Currently, many people consider the Himalayan salt as being the purest form of salt out there.

Secondly, its chemical composition is made of no less than 84 natural trace minerals of which many are found inside the human body as well. Some of the most important include calcium, magnesium, potassium or sodium chloride.

Thirdly, all its minerals are extremely fragmented. This means the body absorbs them faster when we use the salt to season our food. Also, because they are so small in size, their atoms move a lot faster than in the case of regular salt, so more energy is stored in the Himalayan one. For a better understanding of how a Himalayan salt lamp can benefit our health, we have listed below some of the advantages of its main material, the Himalayan salt:

  • Enhances the detoxification process: when putting in water, its compounds dissolve and interact with the body in such a way that it both pulls the toxins out of it and provides it with additional minerals( which enter it through the skin)
  • Increases hydration by controlling and regulating the body’s water levels
  • Lowers blood pressure and improves circulation
  • Supports the health of our lungs and a better overall function of the respiratory system
  • Improves digestion and allows for a better nutrient absorption
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Prevents and even reduces cramps

Unlike the salt present on the market in our days which is strongly processed, thus losing much of the essential minerals, its Himalayan counterpart is a real miracle of nature. Therefore, why should the salt lamp not have the same benefits, in spite of it helping us on the outside rather than on the inside?

Health Benefits of Salt Lamps

orange_white_salt_lamps_350x350The majority of rocks mined to obtain the material used in the manufacture of salt lamps originate mainly from Pakistan, but other salt mines can be found on Iran’s or Poland’s territories. Most of them are pink or orange in color. However, there is also a variety of white salt lamps which are rarer and therefore much more sought after by people interested in them. Specialists in the holistic medicine advise us to own not just one but several such lamps and place them throughout the entire house. Far from being harmful, thanks to their chemical structure and mechanism of action, they can only help our health in the long term. The following are the most important ways a salt lamp can benefit you, should you choose to buy one. Keep in mind one important aspect: none of the things listed below have been properly studied as to claim they are real. In spite of this, many of those who own one such object have stated that the salt lamps indeed work.

It is generally believed that a salt lamp can:

  1. Balance electromagnetic radiation: everybody owns at least one type of electronic device of which the most used are the TVs, phones or laptops. The thing about these products is they emit electromagnetic radiation and release at the same time positive ions which can seriously affect one’s health if exposed to them on the long term. Sadly, these radiations cannot be seen with the bare eye; therefore people are often inclined to overlook them. As a result, one can experience general fatigue, nervousness or a poor-quality sleep all of which are sure to impact the immune system. But here interferes the salt lamp’s mechanism of action. These small blocks of salt can be a tough enemy for positive ions, as they can release negative ones into the air. We have yet to find out to what extent the lamps do so. Some people claim that they can even neutralize electromagnetic radiation if placed near the objects that emit it. However, for now, this remains only an overstatement. The terms “balance” or “reduce” seem much more appropriate until proper studies are conducted in this regard.
  1. Cleanse the air: one special capacity a salt lamp has is that of being hygroscopic. This means it can attract water molecules from the air together with any other compound they might contain. This includes dust, pollen, and even smoke particles. What the lamp does more precisely is absorb the molecules, then release the clean water into the air through evaporation and trap the remaining constituents in its structure. Still, it would be unwise to believe that an object this small might purify the air inside an entire room. Most likely it does so with that surrounding it, for which reason people are advised to own more than just one lamp if they one to take full advantage of its effects.
  1. Raise energy levels: it is very well-known that positive ions can rob the body from much of its energy. No wonder we can sometimes feel so exhausted after finishing a task which involved the use of a laptop or watching a TV show even for an hour. Because these electronic devices are responsible for releasing positive ions into the air, a salt lamp is more than welcomed inside one’s house. Negative ions, which the lamps emit, can make one feel more energetic, offering people a feeling similar to that of being in nature, surrounded by trees and breathing fresh air.[1]
  1. Help alleviate the symptoms of asthma and even some allergies: salt, in general, can absorb water. However, what a salt lamp can do is absorb it directly from the air where there is a multitude of dust particles that are the main responsible for numerous allergies. Even in the most severe cases when one has asthma, he or she can notice an improvement in the overall condition within weeks after buying the lamp and using it. Moreover, the Himalayan salt became so appreciated by people from all over the world, that various companies that activate in the domain have started producing Himalayan salt inhalers.
  1. Enhance your sleep pattern: the salt lamps are natural negative ion generators. This means the air quality is drastically improved with their help. It is well-known that an air rich in dust particles and any toxic compound for that matter is linked to a poor night rest and irregular sleep patterns. This happens because the positive ions present in it reduce the blood flow to the brain. A weak oxygenation process usually means there is more stress involved, which is one of the factors that can impact the brain’s health in the long term. Also, some people cannot sleep well unless there is at least one source of light inside the room. The weaker that source, the better, so a Himalayan salt lamp is great for this as well. In spite of the numerous colors that range from white to orange, the lamps emit a similar amount of light which is dim enough as not to disturb.
  1. Reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed: aside from its negative ions, the salt lamp emits a calm light for which reason you are likely to find one in a therapist’s office for sure. The color offers a sensation of warmth that will surely make one feel more at ease and relaxed. Furthermore, the objects are also used in chromotherapy, a kind of therapy that involves the use of colors as a means to balance the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.
  1. Make you feel better: again, the combination of the compounds it releases and its natural color turns a Himalayan salt lamp into a right help for people who struggle to improve their mood. Many of the studies conducted on the negative ions’ manner of action have associated them with an increase in the levels of serotonin, also known as the hormone of happiness. People suffering from depression or anxiety can benefit from owning it.
  1. Increase concentration and enhance the thinking process: researchers claim that negative ions are truly wondrous and for a good reason. Most often than not, even a short time exposure to them can improve the blood flow; especially that directed towards the brain. The amount of oxygenated blood increases focus and provides one with a clearer thinking process.
  1. Improve blood flowthe brain is not the only organ that benefits from the negative ions’ effect. When the blood flows better towards one part of the body, it is only natural for it to do so with any other organ, be it the heart, lungs or kidneys. This way, the vascular system will enjoy a good overall health with lowered risks of disease occurrence shortly.
  1. Ease coughing and improve the respiratory system’s health: Aside from absorbing dust and smoke particles from the air, Himalayan salt can also absorb germs whose presence strongly influences one’s health, especially in the winter time. When one is more prone to catch a cold, these tiny contaminants enter the respiratory system and bring about a lot of common cold symptoms such as coughing or sneezing. In spite of them being annoying rather than severe, it is always better to keep them as far from our lungs as possible. A Himalayan salt lamp might be the solution in this case as well. When the bulb inside it heats up, the same thing happens with the block of salt as well. This way, it can release negative ions once with the evaporated water.

Some people are more skeptical when it comes to a salt lamp’s health benefits. However, even if researchers need to conduct new studies as to establish once and for all the true role of a Himalayan salt lamp, there are some things about it that can convince one buy it such as:

  • Looks nice: having an orange block of salt in the living room that emits a warm light can provide you with a relaxed environment where you can feel at ease throughout the entire day. Aside from improving your mood, the lamp can also bring you closer to nature through its rugged design.
  • It is cheap: many people look for lamps and any other object that can release negative ions. Still, since most of them are expensive, one can always pick a Himalayan salt lamp whose price is more than affordable.
  • Each lamp is one of a kind: unlike the natural products that all seem to look and function the same each Himalayan salt lamp is unique from the design’s point of view. Chances are, you will not find two lamps that are similar in the whole wide world.

Also, it is said that each color has a particular advantage to it:

  • Orange promotes relaxation, improves the nervous system’s health as well as the kidneys function
  • White cleanses and detoxifies the environment from impurities
  • Pink, which in the holistic tradition represents love, balances emotions and offers a more positive outlook
  • Red, the darkest shade, helps the circulatory system

It is true there are not many specialists that support the salt lamp’s use by people interested in improving their physical condition. Moreover, some of them claim that the lamp only has a placebo effect. However, judging by the feedback offered on the subject, mostly a positive one, it is safe to assume that the object is likely to help more those who appreciate holistic medicine rather than all the other customers.[2]

Where to Place it for Maximum Benefits?

salt_lamp_positioning_350x350A Himalayan salt lamp is not a Feng Shui object that you should put in a particular area of your house and a specific position for it to function. On the contrary, people who want to buy just one ought to think twice. Thanks to its mechanism of action according to which the lamp can release negative ions as to counterbalance the positive ones’ effect, people can make better use of it if they choose to buy one for every room in their house. Place them near any electronic device or in an area where you spend most of your time such as the living room or even the bedroom.

There are smaller as well as larger ones, depending on the room’s size and the owner’s personal taste. Pay close attention to the product’s label that should indicate what you are holding in your hands is made of 100% Himalayan salt. Trustable manufacturers take good care of this aspect so that the customer will acquire only a high-quality, authentic object. Also, look for lamps with a smoother surface which allows for better particle absorption.


Many of us know how a salt lamp looks like. Light pink or orange in color and with a rock-shaped aspect, salt lamps can nowadays be seen almost everywhere. However, if one wants to buy an authentic object and know more about it, then he or she ought to try a holistic health store. There, not only will they find out more about its significance and how it works, but will also be surrounded by hundreds of similar objects that are believed to help the human being on an energetic level. In spite of being in the 21st century, our society seems to be more and more attracted to alternative medicine methods, and for a good reason. Holistic healing might even experience its biggest breakthrough in the following years. Proof in this regards is the fact that it is gaining more followers by the day.


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Become informed about COVID vaccinations and then do your own risk vs. benefit analysis

      Dear Family, Friends, and Activists,        February 2, 2021

Will the newly released experimental vaccines create more health problems than COVID-19?

I have been learning about the tragic reactions to these new vaccinations. I hope you will look at various sources of information and then make your own decision about whether you will accept this "warp speed" vaccine being so heavily promoted by our media, government, and pharmaceutical companies.

(Very recently, there has been some good news. The therapeutic and prophylactic Ivermectin is showing promise and is now unrestricted in the US. What this means is that we are not limited to taking our chances with an experimental vaccine for questionable protection. Be sure to see the section below with a red heading.)

We have sacrificed a lot to “stay safe” and to "get back to normal."  COVID-19 can be life threatening to those who are elderly and/or with underlying comorbidities.  According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, between 10% and 45% of those who are treated for COVID-19 develop long term symptoms. Dr. Mercola explains these persistent symptoms and how to help yourself if this were to become the case for you.

The following information, therefore, may be unwelcome, causing you to feel between a rock and a hard place. It may also be shocking if you get your news only from corporate media.

The sources I look at to balance what I receive from our corporately funded media and politicians are credible — yet censored — scientists, physicians, and investigators. The media are funded by pharmaceutical companies to the tune of billions of dollars annually. Politicians are also funded extremely generously by the pharmaceutical companies.

Three sources I find credible are:;  

JeremyHammond (dot) com (an independent investigative journalist); and  (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s organization)

These sources are not against vaccinations, but they are for safe vaccinations. I recommend signing up for their email notices to keep yourselves apprised of the upcoming news about these vaccines.

The sources below span the entire political spectrum. This topic has been terribly politicized and is very divisive, so please keep an open mind and use your own discernment.

Reports of the tragic, immediate side effects of these experimental COVID-19 vaccinations are increasing faster than I can keep up with them, but we will not have data for long-term effects for years.

That is my main concern and why I send this email.

I asked my Primary Care Physician (PCP), "Will you take the vaccine for COVID?"  Her immediate reply was "Hell no! We will all be guinea pigs!"

She added that we should never take any new drug, but we should wait until we can see what the long-term fallout might be.   She as well as my other healthcare practitioners think highly of Dr. Mercola, by the way.  His site is a good one for information on what you can do to enhance your health and immune system. 

To be fair, some MDs tell us these vaccines are safe. (But I am concerned about their pharmaceutical bias. Aren’t they, to a great degree, educated by the pharmaceutical industry?)

Why are we not getting the reports of these tragic vaccination reactions from our media? 
Censorship is the answer, but the "who" and the "why" of this huge uptick in censorship in our society is a broad subject. I will address that issue comprehensively — including information on the so-called independent "fact checkers" — in my next essay. Email me if you want to find out how to receive it once it is published. (

If you cannot find a YouTube video listed below, search on Bitchute or Lbry with the same title.

But doesn't the FDA protect us by not allowing unsafe drugs on the market? 
We have likely heard about "regulatory capture" and the "revolving door" of US regulatory agencies, but here is a more in-depth article from Frontline detailing why we would be unwise to trust the FDA unreservedly.



There are many more, but these seem to me to be some of the most credible.

(As of Jan. 29, 2020) 329 Deaths + 9,516 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine, Latest CDC Data Show


China Health Experts Call for Suspension of COVID Vaccines as Norway Investigates 33 Deaths, Germany Probes 10 Deaths


Caution needed in using mRNA-based vaccines to prevent unknown risks including death

California Health Officials Call for Pause on Moderna Vaccine Batch 
[one batch] Due to Reports of Allergic Reactions

13 Israelis suffer facial paralysis after coronavirus vaccine - report

Mexican doctor hospitalized after receiving Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine


Home Run King Hank Aaron Dies of ‘Undisclosed Cause’ 18 Days After Receiving Moderna Vaccine

Could mRNA COVID-19 vaccines be dangerous in the long-term?

‘Perfectly Healthy’ Florida Doctor Dies Weeks After Getting Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Johns Hopkins Scientist: ‘A Medical Certainty’ Pfizer Vaccine Caused Death of Florida Doctor

Bell's Palsy and Vaccines: What's the Connection?

US Nurse Gets Bell's Palsy

Several Others with Bell's Palsy from Vax


Portuguese Nurse Dies after Pfizer Vax

FDA Investigates Allergic Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine After More Healthcare Workers Hospitalized

Uncontrollable convulsions?
Shawn Skelton Explains What the MODERNA VACCINE Did to Her as She Convulses Uncontrollably 
(YouTube has censored this video).

Louisiana Woman Convulses Uncontrollably after Being Injected with the Experimental Pfizer COVID Shot

(NOTE: Let's hope these uncontrollable convulsions are not due to taking these vaccines. They seem to be credible reports, but I have no confirmation so far from or, two sites I trust.)


COVID-19 Vaccine Warnings
Important Warnings on COVID-19 Vaccines 
(A very good site to subscribe to in order to keep informed on many issues.)

Issues covered:  Vaccine Trials Not Designed to Measure Viral Spread or Deaths; Adverse Reactions; No Pharma Liability, Little Chance of Compensation for Vaccine Injuries; A Form of Genetic Engineering – Never Before Used on Humans; Vaccines Will Not End Restrictive Measures; Follow the Money; Huge Pharmaceutical Lawsuits and Settlements

Informed Consent for COVID Vaccine (This article explains ADE — Antibody-Dependent Enhancement — and the history documenting that vaccinations can actually enhance the disease when the vaccinated person encounters the wild virus.  This is an unknown for the current COVID-19 vaccines but is, nonetheless, important information.)

Side Effects and Data Gaps Raise Questions on COVID Vaccine (Important Risk-Benefit analysis on high rate of severe side effects, ADE and pathogenic priming of COVID vaccines, autoimmune reactions in both COVID and from the vaccination, relative vs. absolute effectiveness of the vaccines, etc.)


White House Asks CDC to Study How Many Have Died After COVID Vaccine Shots


RFK, Jr. Warned FDA Three Months Ago About Ingredient in Pfizer COVID Vaccine That Likely Caused Life-Threatening Reaction in Two UK Healthcare Workers (Why PEG is the ingredient most likely to cause anaphylaxis in the COVID vaccines.)

Issues regarding the COVID-19 vaccinations  (This is a running list of articles from around the world.)


CDC issues new guidance addressing allergic reactions to coronavirus vaccine


Pregnant or Under 18? Don’t Get Moderna’s COVID Vaccine, WHO Says


Chicago-area hospital to resume vaccinations after 4 workers experience adverse reactions: report

WHO Changes Definition of Herd Immunity; plus why natural immunity is superior


Dr. Simone Gold - The truth about the CV19 vaccine (Highly recommended and worth watching the entire talk! This physician leans politically to the right while I lean left, but I find her facts to be credible and important. With reason, she calls this “vaccine” an “experimental biological agent.” She lists the potentially serious “unknowns” about this agent.)

"What the COVID Vaccine Hype Fails to Mention" by Gilbert Berdine, MD
He concludes: My colleagues include resident physicians and faculty physicians who work with covid patients on a daily basis. I have asked a number of my colleagues whether they will be first in line for the new vaccine. I have yet to hear any of my colleagues respond affirmatively. The reasons for hesitancy are that the uncertainties about safety exceed what they perceive to be a small benefit. In other words, my colleagues would prefer to take their chances with covid rather than beta test the vaccine. Many of my colleagues want to see the safety data after a year of use before getting vaccinated; these colleagues are concerned about possible autoimmune side effects that may not appear for months after vaccination. [or years?]

These announcements by Pfizer and Moderna are encouraging. I certainly hope that these vaccines protect people from the harm of covid-19. I certainly hope that these vaccines are safe. If both of these conditions are true, nobody will need to be coerced into taking the vaccine. However, you should pay even more attention about what is left out of an announcement than about what is stated. The pharmaceutical companies are more than happy for patients to misunderstand what is meant by efficacy. Caveat emptor (buyer beware)!

Dr. Andy Wakefield "'It's Not A Vaccine' it's Genetic Engineering Never Tested on Humans Before" (Andy Wakefield, a hero in my estimation, has been horribly smeared by the media and pharmaceutical industries.)

Dr. Lee Merritt Interview (Merritt is a right leaning MD. I am not comfortable with her speculation on the possibility of this being a Chinese bioweapon, and she leaves me unclear about whether the ADE of past coronaviruses were mRNA experimental agents or regular vaccines. Otherwise, some good info.)



Coronavirus Information Center

Coronavirus Vaccine Problems News Articles

Trump Gives 1.16 Billion To Bill Gates’ Vaccine Alliance & Inks Deal With Pfizer For A COVID Vaccine (About “alternative” therapies, the role of the “invisible government,” comparing COVID and the flu, etc.)

Individual Rights and Freedoms Under Siege in Era of COVID

Is this really a vaccine? Or is it really a type of chemotherapy? (David E. Martin, patent attorney)

Or a medical device? 
(David E. Martin) (This is fascinating and worth watching. The “vaccination” we are told we must take is actually a “device” or a “synthetic pathogen” injected into the body. 80% of those injected have some kind of immediate adverse reaction.)

If the vaccination damages your health can you sue for compensation? (Essentially, No.)


According to my PCP and my other healthcare practitioners, the main thing we can do is support our immune system by building up our levels of vitamin D3. 4000 iu is not too much to take.  Ideally, your PCP should do a blood assay each year that tells what your D3 level is. If this is not feasible, Dr. Mercola has recommended the GrassrootsHealth Nutrient Research Institute where you can get your D3 and other nutrients tested.  

Physicians vary, but my PCP wants my D3 level to be in the 60s ng/mL (nanograms/milliliter). They should be at least above 30 ng/mL.  I am continually amazed that nutrient panels, especially for D3, are not a common practice at annual medical checkups.  Since research clearly shows that those with elevated levels do much better with this new coronavirus (as well as with other infections), I find it criminal that our authorities and our media are not telling us about this.

While Colorado will not mandate the COVID-19 vaccine, according to a letter from my state representative, your employer may mandate that you become vaccinated as a prerequisite to return to work. In fact, 71% of employers nationwide may mandate a vaccination to return to work. Schools may require a vaccination to return to school.  (See next source.)

Fauci Now Says COVID-19 Vaccine May Become Mandatory (Or maybe not. Will these “vaccinations” give us protection from infection or protection from transmission?  Will they give us “herd immunity” so we can “get back to normal,” as Bill Gates has promised? Amazingly, the answer is No!)



Highly recommended! Dr. Seheult, MD: Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2).  (This video is for those who want to dig more deeply into the amazing role of D3, both a vitamin and a hormone. It covers many studies from around the world.)

Dr. Mercola has many articles on how to prevent and treat COVID-19 with adequate D3, plus the importance of enough magnesium and K2 to activate D3, and other recommendations for how to protect and empower yourself.
Could Most COVID-19 Deaths Have Been Prevented?

More Than 80% of COVID Patients Are Vitamin D Deficient

How Long Will We Ignore the Truth About Vitamin D?

Simple Strategies That Will Improve Your Immunity



The therapeutic Ivermectin is having very good results and since January 14, 2021, is unrestricted in the US for COVID-19, thanks to Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. It is possible that other prophylactics and therapeutics may follow. See the next four sources:

NY Judge Orders Hospital To Use Ivermectin, Woman Recovers (TrialSite News)


First EU Nation To Approve Ivermectin For Covid-19 (Slovakia; TrialSite News)


Can Ivermectin Help Prevent COVID-19 Deaths?


New York Times Explains the How But Not the Why Behind Lack of COVID Treatments (Very important article for understanding WHY we have not had therapeutic or prophylactic treatments before now.  Highly recommended to understand the politics and profit motive involved.)





Besides recognizing the potential severity of COVID-19 for anyone over 70 and anyone with specific underlying conditions, we also need a greater perspective. The large majority of us (80%) have no or only mild symptoms. Luckily, children and young adults are hardly affected at all.


Across the globe, the noninstitutionalized overall death rate is .2% - .26%, and the major part of this percentage are those in the 70+ age group.


39% of all US fatalities are the residents and staff of nursing homes. (Sept. 2020)


People under 40 in the US have an infection fatality ratio (IFR) of .01%; for those 60+ the IFR is 1.71%.  78% of all COVID related deaths in Colorado have come from the 70+ age group (from Colorado's governor). 


So far, severe adverse reactions from vaccination are 2.79%.  “Extrapolated to the total U.S. population of 328.2 million, we can then expect 9,156,780 Americans to be injured by the vaccine if every single man, woman and child is vaccinated. Is this really reasonable for a virus that has an average survival rate of 99.74%?”


Why COVID-19 Is Not the 3rd Leading Cause of Death

"Viral Issue" with Irish engineer, Ivor Cummins 
(How lockdowns and masks seemed to have had no effect on the COVID-19 trajectory. Fascinating and recommended!)

Edward Snowden Says Governments Are Using COVID-19 To “Monitor Us Like Never Before”

Just Like 9/11 Did, COVID-19 Is Shifting Human Consciousness In A Major Way

United Nations Human Rights:  "Coronavirus: Human rights need to be front and centre in response, says Bachelet"

United Nations Human Rights:  "COVID-19: States should not abuse emergency measures to suppress human rights – UN experts"


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and CHD Urge Congress to Investigate the Origins of COVID-19


Conflicts of Interest Taint Investigations Into COVID Origins


TRUTH, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Season 2, Episode 8 featuring David E. Martin

(David E. Martin is a patent attorney. He explains how, in 2016, Moderna wrote in 4 patent applications that because of the concern for the "reemergence of, or deliberate release of, SARS coronavirus, vaccine development was initiated."  This begins around 31:00 minutes.


Big Brother News Watch: Governments Crack Down on Journalists in Attempt to Control Pandemic Narrative

Google Partners With Industry Lapdog to Promote Vaccines

The Plan for a Global System of Slavery--Catherine Austin Fitts


Censorship and Oppression Threaten America’s Trademark Standards of Democracy and Open Debate (Impassioned speech by RFK, Jr., giving the big picture.)

Think Global Vaccine Passports Are Scary? Wait Until You See What’s Next
(CommonPass, developed initially to track COVID testing and vaccinations, is setting the stage for biometric surveillance which will eventually be tied in with all your other medical records, digital ID, digital banking and a social credit system.)

Storing medical information below the skin’s surface

(Specialized dye, delivered along with a vaccine, could enable “on-patient” storage of vaccination history.)


Forced to Get the COVID Vaccine? ICAN May Be Able to Help.


Under Federal Law, Can Your Employer Make You Get the COVID Vaccine?


Is a totalitarian response to COVID-19 in the works? Yes, our authorities are planning mandatory vaccinations — you may need one, they tell us, to return to workfly, attend indoor events, etc.  This is a fact, I am astonished to say.


If your employer mandates a vaccination, you still have a choice, but I suggest that you start now by educating him or her and clearly stating your position. Most importantly, see the two articles immediately above regarding legal help.

Use your own discernment regarding what is right for your health!  Hopefully, you will not comply with an authoritarian demand regarding what should be your private health decision.



Fran Shure


PS: Consider forwarding this to your contacts and loved ones so they can make informed decisions.