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Monday, February 16, 2009

Holographic Healing Proven on Plants

Russian research scientist V. Budakovski has proven Holograhpic Healing in which raspberry callus tissue was completely healed by projecting a hologram of a healthy raspberry plant into the sick one.

So what is actually happening here is healing information is being beamed to the sick plant and it then is able to heal itself. The scientists are "out-resonating" the disease in the sick plant by offering the correct and healthy resonance, as information for the plant to acquire.

Science is just beginning to explain intent and consciousness and its effect on physical reality.

DNA and Light Codes ~ Wisdom Teachings by David Wilcock

DW referred to the work of Dr Peter Gariaev, a Russian Wave Geneticist who demonstrated the Light healing phenomenon by curing lab rats that were intentionally infected (!) with diabetes. He did this by shining a laser beam coded with healthy genes at them; the coding was effected by passing the light through a healthy rat pancreas. In the final results of this experiment, the rats were cured and their damaged pancreases regenerated! What’s more, additional experiments proved that this healing technique worked up to a distance of 20km…think about that!

In another example, David cited an experiment by another Russian scientist Budakovski, who beamed a hologram of a healthy raspberry plant onto one that had cancerous tumours. After several months, the callus (tumour) developed into a healthy plant. -
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