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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Get High Now (without drugs)

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By Larry Underwood

James Nestor has compiled over 175 ways to get high, without the expense, legal ramifications and/or risk to your health that comes from the doing the other stuff. Ironically, alcohol & tobacco are the most dangerous drugs known to man, yet they're legal. Add a little processed sugar to the mix and you'll be dead before you know it; at least you avoided criminal prosecution.

Seriously, this is quite an engaging resource for tapping into our senses, to produce natural highs; and they really work. I just tried the "hypnagogic induction" and I inadvertently created the most incredible lucid dream I've ever had; filled with amazingly detailed designs that would make Peter Max proud. The good news is, it's completely safe and cost-free during these tough economic times. No wonder this thing's selling like crazy.

Not all of Nestor's suggestions are for everyone, of course. Personally, I can't imagine eating or smoking ants to get a buzz, or looking for that dopamine high if I happen to get repeatedly stung by bees. Thanks, but no thanks. [Editor's note: The author states in the intro, "A few methods (giraffe marrow, bee strings, exposure to inescapable physical trauma) have been included simply because they seemed so shockingly wrong. I've called these out as such, and in some cases refrained from providing instructions because I do not want you to do them."]

However, this book comes highly recommended for anyone trying to get the most out of their natural states. The brain really is a marvelous device and it functions best when no outside chemicals are introduced into the mix; hear that, kids?

Nestor has unlocked the keys to our imagination; but this "Twilight Zone" won't freak you out.



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