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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Over 4,000 Professionals Call for an End to Water Fluoridation - Learn Why, How You Can Help Their Campaign, & How to Filter Fluoride in Your Drinking Water

Professionals Statement

FAN's Professionals Statement to End Water Fluoridation has been signed by over 4,000 medical, dental, scientific, and environmental professionals. See the list of signatories and add your name to the list. Professionals can add their name to this statement by clicking the link below.

Take Action!

An Inconvenient Tooth - Fluoride Documentary

Is There Fluoride in YOUR Water? Find Out With the Fluoride Finder


Testing for Fluoride In Drinking Water

If you are billed for your water by a local water system/district, contact your community water district to determine whether your water is fluoridated and the level of fluoride in your water. Check your water district billing statement for the utility’s contact information.

The two sites above are helpful, but misinformed about the danger of drinking Fluoride, as detailed in the first two resources above.

Filtering Fluoride From Your Drinking Water Controversy

The Berkey fluoride water filter uses a time tested method that was developed to reduce fluoride in your drinking water. Berkey developed this filter to address the concerns of the many who find the practice of adding fluoride to drinking water questionable or unacceptable. Fluoride has been deliberately added to many municipal water supplies since the 1950's. This common practice is now becoming more controversial to say the least. New reports and studies about the harmful effects of adding fluoride to drinking water are emerging. The health and hygiene benefits of applying fluoride directly to the surface of teeth are a well known and seldom disputed. The dispute begins with fluoride that has been added to drinking water only comes in contact with the teeth for a very short amount of time and in a very diluted form. After this contact the fluoride is than swallowed and the human body is subject to the well known ill effects of the fluoride compound for hours after ingestion. Critics claim that in this age of high fluoride tooth pastes that are correctly applied directly to the surface of the tooth, the benefits of fluoride in the water supply are negligible and quite possibly unnecessary. Berkey fluoride water filter allows you to make this decision about your health for yourself by reducing the amount of fluoride in your water by 95%...

Berkey Fluoride Water Filter- PF2
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"A film created by Dr. David Kennedy that outlines the dangers of artificial fluoride. Of particular interest is the dangers for young children."

The film also gets into how fluoride disproportionally affects minorities. 

Iodine Protects Against Fluoride Toxicity

Fluoride Gate: An American Tragedy

Dangers Of Flouride and How To Decalcify Your Pineal Gland |

We invite your group to become a founding member of the Worldwide Alliance To End Fluoridation

Fluoride-Free Toothpaste That Rebuilds, Hardens, and Strengthens Enamel to Reduce Sensitivity by Repairing Enamel

ProPur ProMax Shower Filter w/ massage head - Reduces and removes over 200 contaminants from shower water, including: heavy metals, VOCs, pesticides, fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and odors.