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Saturday, September 27, 2014

You Don't Need Meat to Be Big and Strong


"However, the whole 'vegan diet' thing ... well, it’s working out OK for this guy named Tom Brady. So it’s probably not an issue if Kaepernick isn’t running around with spare ribs hanging out of his mouth."

(Dr Irving Fisher at primate abuse Yale found that randomly selected vegetarians were able to hold their arms at length 9 times longer than members of the Yale football team) 

17,003 Consecutive Pushups: World Record Held By Vegetarian

US Marine Corps Captain Alan Jones of Quantico, Virginia was struck by polio when he was five years old. Now a vegetarian, Alan could be the fittest man on Earth by amassing a record of physical accomplishments unmatched by any human that ever lived. He holds the world record for continuous sit-ups (17,003 times). In a 15-months period, he accomplished possibly the most remarkable array of physical achievements ever attained by a human being:

Lifted a 75-pound barbell over his head 1,600 times in 19 hours.
Made 3,800 basketball free throws in 12 hours, with 96 pc hit rate.
Swam 500 miles in 11 days, down a river to the ocean.
Skipped rope 43,000 times in 5 hours.
Skipped rope 100,000 times in 23 hours.
Swam 68 miles in a swimming pool without a sleeping break.
Swam half a mile in zero degree Celsius water without a wet suit.
Performed 51,000 sit-ups in 76 hours. 


Sports Personalities Vegetarian Sports Personalities

* Hank Aaron (home run champion, baseball) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian
* Al Beckles (body builder)
* Andreas Cahling (bodybuilder)
* Chris Campbell (1980 world champion wrestler)
* Louis Freitas (body builder)
* Sharon Hounsell (Miss Wales Bodybuilding Champion)
* Killer Kowalski (wrestler) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian
* Donnie LaLonde (Former Light Heavyweight Champion of the World. (Lost title to Sugar Ray Leonard)) Source: Article in San Jose Mercury News
* Lindford McFarquar (body builder)
 * Monika Montsho (weightlifter, 2 x runnerup GB Championships 60kg, NW woman weightlifter 1991)
* Bill Pearl (Mr. Universe and bodybuilder) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian
* Debbie Spaeth-Herring (Georgia State power-lifter) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian
Andreas Cahling.. world class weight lifter..
Swedish champion bodybuilder, Olympic gold medallist in the ski jump 

Chris Campbell
Olympic wrestling champion

Keith Holmes
World-champion middleweight boxer

Peter Hussing
European super heavy-weight boxing champion

Bill Manetti
Power-lifting champion

Art Still
Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs MVP defensive end, Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame 

Body Builders

You might not expect to find a vegetarian in world championship body-building competitions. But Andreas Cahling, the Swedish body builder who won the 1980 Mr. International title, is a vegetarian, as has been for over ten years of highest level international competition. One magazine reported that Cahling's "showings at the Mr. Universe competitions, and at the professional body-building world championships, give insiders the feeling he may be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger."

Another fellow who is not exactly a weakling is Stan Price. He holds the world record for the bench press in his weight class. Stan Price is a vegetarian. Roy Hilligan is another gentleman in whose face you probably wouldn't want to kick sand. Among his many titles is the coveted Mr. America crown. Roy Hilligan is a vegetarian.

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The Rise and Fall of the Protein Empire

Not all authorities agree on a precise figure for our daily needs of protein, but their calculations do fall within a specific range. It is a range that runs from a low estimate of two and a half percent of our total daily calories up to a high estimate of over eight percent. The figures at the high end end include built-in safety margins, and are not "minimum" allowances, but rather "recommended" allowances.

If we ate nothing but wheat (which is 17% protein), or oatmeal (15%), or pumpkin (15%0, we could easily have more than enough protein. If we ate nothing but cabbage (22%), we'd have over double the maximum we might need.

In fact, if we ate nothing but the lowly potato (11% protein) we would still be getting enough protein. This fact does not mean potatoes are a particularly high protein source. They are not. Almost all plant foods provide more. What it does show, however, is just how low our protein needs really are.

There have been occasions in which people have been forced to satisfy their entire nutritional needs with potatoes and water alone. Individuals who have lived for lengthy periods of time under those conditions showed no signs whatsoever of protein deficiency, though other vitamin deficiencies have occurred.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the virtual symbol of male muscular development, says in his book, Arnold's Body Building for Men:

"Kids nowadays...tend to go overboard when they discover body building and eat diets consisting of 50 to 70% protein--something I believe to be totally unnecessary... (In) my formula for basic good eating: eat about one gram of protein for every two pounds of body weight."


vegetarian hearts pump the same amount of blood with 20,000 fewer daily beats

vegan hearts work less

fruitarian hearts have the easiest time

Main Source:


Cooking With Olive Oil May Cause Cancer

Meet Your Meat

Every five years, Hindus celebrate the Gadhimai Festival at a temple in southern Nepal. There, over a two-day period, the world’s largest sacrifice of animals takes place.
The top 20 cultures for longevity around the world all have rare earth (trace minerals) in their soil, he reported. Vegans, he noted, need to supplement their diet with extra nutrients, unless they're living in an environment that is very high in minerals. Wallach argued that cholesterol is an essential nutrient, and not actually the source of problems. But the statin drugs that are prescribed to millions cause a variety of diseases and disorders including Alzheimer's and hormonal imbalances, he remarked. For more, check out Dr. Wallach's show, Dead Doctors Radio.

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